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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead **********SPOILERS***********

So I re-read the whole series and I decided to write my review on the last book so I can give you an overall idea of my feelings on this.


The first time I read the VA I was excited and after the House of Night(I was in my YA period) it was better by far. The second time around I wasn't as giddy. I found Rose's behaviour kind of immature and a little bit slutty but that's probably because I am beginning to forget my teenage years already!


Again the first time I loved it, the second it was more lukewarm for me. I thought that Rose used Mason and that she had every reason to feel guilty for what happened to him. I know I'm getting kind of mean but I can't help it. We also begin to understand that under all the "sweet and vulnerable" facade Lisa is so selfish and egotistical.


I liked Rose a bit more in this one. She was more mature after her adventure in the second book. I also enjoyed the ghosts side of the story. Lisa again is her selfish self. I loved the cliffhangerish ending.


I loved Rose in the fourth book. Absolutely loved her. She was smart, brave, strong. Everything I could want from my heroine. The book is probably my favorite in the series.


Rose had to take a dive again and start using Adrian to get over Dimitri. I have to say that I don't like Adrian at all in VA. He gets much better in Bloodlines but in VA he is pathetic and whinny. I liked the story and how they found out more about spirit and the Daskoff's and of course the end was phenomenal.


And here Rose drowned for me. She treated Adrian awfully. It wasn't enough that she cheated on him, she had the nerve to try to make him seem like the wrong party in their relationship. Did I love how the things between her and Dimitri worked? Of course I did, but damn Rose and Lisa were both awful in this book. Lisa treated Jil so badly. I can't believe she is supposed to be compassionate and kind.

Overall I have to admit that the series is good enough because it keeps you reading, sth very important for me but the female leads are meh. I do love the male leads. Dimitri and Christian are both awesome. Adrian not so much but he gets better. The plot in every book is luckily satisfying and the side characters good enough to balance the heroines.
A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole Love this book. It's probably my second best in the series (nothing can surpass Lothaire so far, maybe when Nix's story comes out).





Lachlain and Emma are so sweet together. Lachlain has that typical "prejudice against mate's species" that Cole is so fond of but he doesn't take it to the limit(and he definitely makes up for it IMO). Emma is cute and kind. She finds her badassness along the way but she doesn't lose her innosence.

The story is lovely. The Valkyries as awesome as always. I WANT NIX'S BOOK. I won't rest until I see it on the horizon.

I will be re-reading all my favsin the series in the near future because I missed them.<3</i>
MacRieve - Kresley Cole Spoilers! Mostly tagged but since I know few of us can resist spoiler tags(I know I can't) I thought I should warn you!

OH MY... The ending killed me. Major cliffhanger and definitely not what I wanted in the next book but now I can hardly wait!


About this book:

Beginning I would like to say "WHAT A HEROINE". Yeap, that's it. You'll get what I mean when I get there.

So, we have a boy, his name Will, and a girl, her name Chloe. He is a lykae, she seems to be human. She is his enemy's only daughter, a soccer player and way too cute for her own good. He is, well of course, tortured, prejudiced and a major ass. Hem hem. He is... tall, dark and sexy? Better huh? Still an ass.




THE MacRieve is the hotter of the "Hot and Hotter" twins(at least our heroine things so). He is the typical "Cole" male. He is sexy, tortured and prejudiced. Yes, we've seen it before. No, I didn't like him as much as Lachlain or Lothaire or even Nikolai and Bowen. He was too prejudiced. The verbal abuse towards Chloe was too much to be forgiven even with his later regret IMO. This time Cole took it a bit too far.



Now Chloe was a perfect heroine. Brave, good natured but not a pushover, beautiful but not vain. She didn't take shit from Will but knew when to forgive him, when to try more. She didn't rush head first into danger in some misdirected "freedom" mision. She was rational and funny and did I mention a soccer player? I like women soccer so very much.

Tbh the whole book gave me a "teen movie" vibe. What with the tomboy getting ready to become a woman and the hot guy who likes her because she is different. Of course then we had the "steamy hot" scenes and the teen movie went straight to adult!:P


The story was solid enough. I loved Nix at the beginning of the book. Sadly there wasn't more of her. DAMN but I want her book so, so badly.

The thing that annoyed me a little was the fact that when Chloe's species is revealed I felt no surprise at all. Cole has used the "most hated species for a mate" a time too many IMO. It didn't spoil the book for me but it was a big black spot.

That's it for now. If I remember anything else I'll make sure to add it.

PS. Pls KC give us a Nix story. I so don't want to wait for years.
Daughter of Smoke & Bone  - Laini Taylor ******Spoilers most likely******


This book was WOW, just WOW. It was so original and totally gave YA another face. It was like reading manga. I could actually picture the images that should be near each sentence.

The story was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Karou was probably one of the most likable YA heroines EVER and Akiva was so easy to understand. If I had loved someone like he did I would want revenge too if someone took him from me like this (I probably wouldn't have the means to extract it but still...).

Major Spoiler

I usually hate reincarnation stories but this one was so beautifully given that I didn't get that odd feeling that the hero wouldn't want the heroine if she wasn't his old love and vice versa.

The ending was a huge surprise to me. I was close to tears reading what happened.

I won't say much more. JUST READ IT! It was worth every minute.


PS. Chiro you BITCH! I hope you burn for eternity!
Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12) - Nalini Singh This book was so awesome. It's definitely in my top 3 in the series.

Since I enjoyed this system on my previous review I will use it again to make clear what I like about this book the most!

The couple: ★★★★★
The heroine: ★★★★★★★★★★
The hero: ★★★★★★★
The plot: ★★★★★
The limited POVS: ★★★★★
Aden & Vasic: ★★★★★

I won't name the heroes although I'm pretty sure there aren't many people who haen't heard who they are anymore. Still...

The hero


What can I say about the "Obsidian" male? He is definitely in my top ten list of book heroes as of now. He is sexy, powerful, ruthless and loyal to a single woman. For her he would destroy the world(literally) but for her he would also save it. His love for the heroine doesn't make him "soft", just makes him think hard before being a bad boy! I LOVED him. I have a think for anti-heros and bad boys and he is certainly both! I am tempted to fight Ang for rights over him!:P

The heroine


Now the heroine was the best of this book. She was beyond decent! The girl was such a beautiful surprise. After being imprisoned for 7 years and treated like an animal she has the strength to go on with her life, to be thankful for teh things she got back, to forgive the ones who harmed her, to dance with the most frightening man in the world. I respect her strength of character and loved the fact that she didn't have one whiny comment, one self-pitying instant! She was exactly what I like in my heroines. I would recommend this book to everyone just based on her.

The story was nice. Especially the romance related stuff. I enjoyed how their love grew and developed over the years and how they never lost their faith in each other even when the heroine couldn't remember anything of her life! Such a beautiful love story!

The plot in general was interesting. I liked the hero's desplays of power and the way the heroines good nature made him a better person. I kind of liked the way the "war" progressed and the Pure Psy were defeated although I wanted Vasquez to suffer more(muaha haha).

This book is definitely a 5 and I definitely forget many things I wanted to adress in my review but for now that's all!;)
Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh So...I don't know how to rate this book.

Idea: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★
S&H romance: ★★★★★
A&R romance: ★★
M&R news: ★★★★★★★★★★
No mating bond: ★
Vasic/Aden/Kaleb: ★★★★★
Last line of book: ★★★★★
Ending in general: ★
Adria as a person: ★

(S&H stand for Sienna and Hawke, A&R stands for Adria and Riaz, M&R stands for Mercy and Riley)

See my dilemma?

Let me elaborate...



Adria is supposed to be a tough, dominant female like Indigo or Mercy. WTH? This girl was a whiny, bratty woman with a love for drama. She had a good childhood, people who loved her, friends who were always there for her and her one "trauma" was a bad relationship. One single bad relationship, not the abusive bf kind of bad either, just a relationship that didn't work out with a generally nice guy. The woman acts as if that was the first time in history a couple didn't work out. She has trust issues with anything male because she and Martin weren't meant to be.


I can accept heroines with bad childhoods or history of abuse having so many issues but I just can't accept so many issues as a result of one bad man choice. Call me crazy.



I liked Riaz. Now there I get the drama. He found his mate and she is married and in love with someone else. It makes sense for him to be so messed up since changelings are supposed to be looking their whole lives for their other half. I freaking GET IT! And despite having a reason to be Riaz wasn't half as dramatic and overly emotional as Adria. He got over the fact that his mate belonged to another, fell in love with someone who could love him back, did everything to make her understand it. I like Riaz.

Don't get me started with the book in general. I would like this book to be two SHORT stories, not a huge book that has almost nothing to say. There was all this built up with the Pure Psy next movement and then:
*boom* Plan found out
*boom* Good guys protected
*boom* Good guy saved
*boom* Bad guy leader dead

All this in about two pages. I didn't even get the time to prepare emotionally for it. All this drama and the bad guy lost and died in two seconds flat.


Then there was the lack of the mating bond between Riaz and Adria. The fact that the bond could be doubted and ignored put a dark spot on the series for me. I accepted so many insta-love cases, so many changelings accepting the bond so easily because it was fated, couldn't be ignored, and the ones who tried even for a while supposedly went almost crazy and then this. WHY?

The only saving graces were the Hawke and Sienna scenes as well as the new Mercy and Riley turn. I also LOVE Vasic and Aden. I am so in the "want to see them together" group. Last but not least what's coming in the next book because of stupid spoilers I also loved the closing line of the book. I'm so looking forward to beginning HoO.

That's all for now...:)

PS. I think I'll go for 3.5!
Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh This one is probably my favorite book in the series so far! I LOVE Hawke and Sienna, they are both so frustratingly stubborn and strong-headed. Then we also have Walker and Lara. I've read this book about 5 times and each and every one of them I was captivated.





Hawke and Sienna are an explosive combination. Hawke is the Alpha of the SnowDancer pack since he was only 15. Closer to his wolf than any other changeling he is almost civilised, almost human, almost hot. Ok, completely HOT!

Sienna is a powerful Psy, people like her are the reason why the Silence was formed in the first place and her power is growing dangerously higher every day. She was raised to be a soldier since she was 5 and was forced to mature much earlier than anyone should. Almost 15 years younger than Hawke, she was his victim from the moment she laid eyes on him at 16. Now she's 20 years old and has decided that it's time for her wolf to see that she is a woman.

I have to admit that I have a bit of a discomfort with so big age diferences in couples. I just think that you can't have all that much in common with someone so much older but Hawke and Sienna fit so well together that I almost forgot ompletely about it.





Walker and Lara are such a sweet couple. I always liked Walker but I have to admit that before Kiss of Snow I just couldn't see him intimate with anyone. He is so cool and grounded that he almost seems like he is still Silent but it is obvious that he loves his family. After all he and Judd risked everything for them. I was so happy to see him getting his woman.

The overall plot is fascinating. The war keeps progressing with Pure Psy making bolder moves all the time and SnowDancer and DarkRiver forming new alliances every day. I can't wait to read the next books.

Sadly although I avoided like the plague reviews from [b:Heart of Obsidian|15781026|Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12)|Nalini Singh||21496528] I saw a spoilerish SU and now I know who the hero is. I wanted to slap the person who did this to me. Ruined the surprise but thankfully my curiosity stands strong!


PS. I changed my mind. I want Nikita with Teijan!

PPS. I loved the scenes with baby Naya! So cute!<3
Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh Who says that a wolf and a cat can't ever be together? Riley and Mercy sure do make an explosive combination but that only adds to the awesomeness of this book!





They don't seem to fit together do they?

How about...?



Much better huh?

I LOVE Mercy and Riley. They are prepared to fight for what they want. Tbh what I like most in this book is that they seem to first get to know each other and then start to be attracted. I know that the mating bond gives a metaphysical excuse to insta-love but I like a good-old-slow building romance once in a while. Sure the book begins with them already about to take the sheets but that's after years of knowing each other.

As for the rest of the book, we have glimpses of the ghost(whose identity I'll die of curiosity if I don't learn soon, that's why I'll be skipping one or two books) and we have the next moves in the brewing war. We also see the first signs of emotion in Nikita. I actually want a book based on her, maybe with Anthony? Or a wolf?(I probably won't be getting it but I can always dream) o_O
Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh Have I mentioned how much I like NS? I don't remember why I had given this book 4 stars! It's definitely a five.

Dorian is so HOT! He is probably my favorite after Hawke and Lucas! And Ashaya is also one of my favorite heroines in the series. The woman has guts. I won't get into details because I am getting impatient to read [b:Tangle of Need|12059093|Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11)|Nalini Singh||17026278] and [b:Heart of Obsidian|15781026|Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12)|Nalini Singh||21496528] so I'll just say give this series a chance. It's worth it!

Small visual




Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh Again this book was great. Not mind-blowing but well above average good.

Clay is nice but he wasn't irresistible to me. He felt like someone I would want for an older brother, not someone I would be attracted to. Maybe it was because he knew the heroine from such a young age and the connection began as "best friends" and escalated to mates.

Tally is a very strong person BUT her lapses to self-pity kind of lost her points with me. That and the fact that she hurts Clay by being afraid of him when all he did was try to protect her. I get it that for a woman who was abused as a child and then suffered all this emotional trauma it was a very logical thing to have moments of insecurity. It's just that I can't relate so it all seems overly dramatic to "perfect-childhood-me". (I feel a little of a bitch just by admiting this.)

This time I have to admit that the general world building and non-romance related story held more my interest. I also found out that I don't remember half of the story which of course is delightful because it can still surprise me.

I also find the leopards a bit more interesting than the Psy and the wolves. The Psy creep me out a little bit. I can't wait to re-read Dorian's story!!

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh I have to admit that IMO N.S. can't write a bad book. They all come in various degrees of good and awesome. This one was a "great" for me. Not awesome but better than just good! If I didn't want to distinguish the books in this series that I liked more than the others it would be a 5.

The reason this book wasn't a solid 5 for me was that I couldn't see when the romance began. It's like we begin reading and the heroes are already halfway there. This steals something from me. I want to be able to see the connection forming.

Other than that the book was solid. Good writing, interesting characters, arresting story. I love how NS keeps building the feud between the Psy Council and the changelings and I love the fact that she keeps giving us glimpses in the lives of the previous couples.

For me an author that can keep you glued to his/her book for the second or third time around has exactly what it takes to be a great one.
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Although once again I loved this book I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one.



Vaughn is awesome of course but he lacks some of the edge that made Lucas so hot. He is supposed to be more feral but to me he seemed more tame. Maybe it's the difference between alpha and Alpha. I think my main poblem was that he accepted his "mating" way too easily, especially with a silenced, soulless Psy.



Faith again I liked but not as much as Sascha. She wasn't as easily loved as the Empath girl. Maybe because the Silence had to be bled out of her, maybe because she was a little bit of "other", I don't know exactly why but I had a hard time loving her.

The story in general is great. Fast paced, well written and with enough seeds to keep you interested in the next books. I'm intrigued even though I've already read most of the other books and I generally remember what happens!^.^
Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh This is gonna be short because I have the whole series to re-read to get to the last one.

Why I love this book

1) Lucas is HOT! As an Alpha he is possessive, protective, domineering, caring. All that in just the right measure to be hot and not overbearing.

2) Sascha is so brave. I can't even imagine how it is growing up with secrets that will get you killed when you know that your mind is intimatelly connected to those you're keeping your secrets from.

3) The packs. The packs are full of interesting people. I can't wait to re-read their books!!

That's all for now. A nice story, a different world, shapeshifters. What's not to love?
Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Once again I loved this book! LOVED it!

The storyline is supposed to be about a magic fairy thingy that Mercy has and someone is out to get with whatever means necessary, blah, blah, blah... This was good. It gave the edge and action to the book BUT the real jewel here was the pack stuff and even more importantly the romance!


I won't get into details but the way we see the relationship between Adam and Mercy developing is just so addictive. I like the fact that their romance wasn't developed in a day. We see how small things over the years lead to their current situation. It sucks you right in.

My second favorite thing in this book has again to do with romance. don't look
I said don't look
you just can't let it go can you?
FINE. Be stubborn!
My second favorite thing is that finally Sam knows some happiness. At first I was a little dissapointed at his decision but I couldn't help being happy for him later.
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs This book for me wasn't as good as the rest. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the ride but there was one thing that annoyed me and I couldn't get over it enough to make me love this one.


I don't know if I can explain what annoyed me without spoiling it completely but I will try.
I didn't like at all the whole "vampire bites", "vampire control", "vampire politics" thing. I know what you think, so what did I like since the book was based on them mostly? I liked the action, the suspense, the mystery and of course the Adam-Mercy romance. The vampire thing I think annoyed me mostly because I couldn't stop thinking about the Anita Blake series and how I was afraid it will take a similar course. Not making much sense huh?:P

Generally the book was great once again and if I knew the ending I would have been able to enjoy it more. I think I won't be sleeping again tonight since I can't keep myself from beginning the next one and it's already way past bed time!;)

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs This one just blew my mind. I couldn't stop reading and what happened in the last 3 chapters?


I have to have more...More!

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