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Let me sleep on this one

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones This book was so, so, so awesome! I don't know how to describe how happy I am right now!


We have Charley...


Charley is THE Grim Reaper...Not the guy with the black hood and scary face but the 27 year old brunette full of attitude and snark. Can I just say that Charley went right up there with my favorite heroines? She isn't a badass like Kate Daniels or Elena Deveraux, in fact she mostly gets her ass kicked through the book but she is so full of sarcastic comments and hilarious innate dialogs that you can't help loving her!

And then we have Reyes!


(Reyes is perfection, so since perfection thy name Matt...)

If every son of Satan resembles this guy, pls sign me up for hell!
Reyes is a mystery throughout the book. He is Charley's dream guy, her secret fantasy, her wet dream, or is he? He turns out to be very much real, very much alive and a very complicated person! I think I drooled every time I tried to picture him!

And Garrett...


I'm not sure exactly what role Garrett will play in the story but I have a feeling we will be seeing him again. Garrett is the skeptical one, a PI like Charley, he is gorgeous, stubborn and he either has a thing for our heroine or sth else is up that we'll find out later.

The story...

Charley gets a visit by a resently murdered lawyer only to find out that there are two more lawyers and a teenager dead and that all of their murders seem related. Now it's up to Charley(ok and the police) to find out what's happened to them. As if that's not enough, Charley, trying to solve the mystery that's Reyes, learns that he is in a comma about to be taken out of life support and has to find a way to save him as well as solve the murders. From then on it's beatings, falls, gunshots, generally people out to kill her, not an easy week in Charley's diary!


This book was simply awesome. I loved everything, the characters. the story, the writing. It was full of humor and sarcasm and Charley was such an easily lovable heroine that I couldn't stop reading(And yes, yet again I neglected to study, yes I'm ashamed.Not.). The book will easily go to my favorites self!


PS. If you want sth light and easily read this is deffinitely your book.
A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin image

Winter is finally returning after years of summer and it brings its horrors with it.

"Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods."

The lords and the armies prepare for a war that seems inevitable, children are forced to grow up before their time, men are forced to choose between honor and heart, women are forced to choose the easy road or fight and yet the greatest threat is coming from beyond their land, beyond the Wall and is greater than their petty quarrels.


"There are no heroes, in life the monsters win."

Lies, betrayals, treasons, battles, tricks, fights, wars. You can never know friend from foe when everybody has a secret agenda. A family of wolves as bold and cold as ice, clear, honorable but hard to the core. A family of lions, vain, arrogant, with a lust for power greater than their honor. A king lost in his pleasures and delusions. A dragon prince and princess without a kingdom.


They plot, they trick, they go to war and still they fail to understand...

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire I really, really shouldn't have enjoyed this book as much as I did but the fact remains that I actually had a great time reading it!

The heroes where both messed up, the relationship kind of shick, their love closer to obsession than anything else(especially on Travis' part), generally the book was full of wrong messages and I really would never want my teenager cousin to read it, yet I couldn't keep the silly smile off my face! This was a classic candy case(you know you shouldn't but you can't help yourself).

Travis was a complete mess. A bad-guy playboy with commitment issues who magically fell for the heroine and then turned into this clingy, obsessive, desperate guy who couldn't go to the toilet without Abby.

Abby was a mess as well, with many daddy issues and some mommy as well, she has come to EU to get away from her old life only to lad right into the same stuff!

Generally the book wasn't sth we haven't seen before but it was fun enough to keep you glued to the pages!

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde His name is Horse. Yeap, Horse...


“So why are you called Horse?”
“Cause I’m hung like one,” he replied, smirking.

He is a big, bad, biker alpha male. Crude, domineering, possesive, he is exactly what would make a man a complete jerk if not for his other side, the protective, generous, caring one! He's belonged to the Reapers, a motorcycle club his whole life.

Her name is Marie...


"What , surprised that the bone you’re fighting over can talk? Well fuck all of you!"

She is an innocent, naive, loving 25 year old girl, characteristics that would have made her a dormat had she not have a wild side, a sassy, stubborn, independant one.

He wants to make her his property, she wants to belong only to herself...

"Someday I’m going to own all of you, Marie. You’re all mine, babe. Knew it the first time I saw you. Couldn’t give you up if I tried."

What she doesn't understand is how the world inside the Reapers works, that they have their rules, their law, their traditions and that in his world to be considered his would be the ultimate honor.

"You p**sies talk about the modern world like we give a shit about their rules. Remember who we are,” he boomed. “We’re men—one percenters. Fucking kings of the MC world. We don’t follow the rules, we make our own goddamn rules."


When her brother is caught stealing from the Club there is only one way for him to live, Marie has to become Horse's personal "slave" but what happens when the prisoner is all too willing to dance with the jailer?


Funny at some points, sad at others, this book is exactly what I would call a guilty pleasure! And the epilogue was to die for! I won't say more but just for the epilogue it was worth the ride!



“Gonna f**k you now.”
“Sure,” I whispered, dazed. “Not sure I’m gonna be able to participate too much, think you blew a circuit or something.”

“Hot piece of ass.”
“Don’t call me that!”
“I was referring to myself,”he replied.”

“Jesus Christ...Thank fuck for that,” Picnic said.
“Nope, not Jesus, just a man,” Horse whispered. “Although when women see my d**k for the first time, they’ve been known to fall down on their knees and worship me.”
Quinn's Undying Rose - Tina Folsom 4 maybe 4.5 stars.





Quinn has been in love with his wife for 200 years although that he's though of her as dead so when she suddenly appears again in his life to ask help in guarding their descendant he can't help but feel betrayed by her. Rose has managed to avoid Quinn for 2 centuries but now she has to put her trust on him and hope that the man she loved so many years ago is still there.

My thought...

a) Through most of the book I thought Rose was a bitch.(So of course I loved her.) Strong, smart, independant, she managed to built a life forherself with no help from anyone. A little misguided in her beliefs but nobody's perfect.

b) I loved Quinn. The fact that he still loves Rose and isn't afraid to admit and forgive her gave him a lot of credit. (Tbh if I were in his shoes I would have killed her, especially since she hid his daughter from him.)

c) The story wasn't sth we haven't seen before but it was well written and the romance was more satisfying imo, probably because I attributed their love on their past, not the three days they spent together before they decided it was a forever.

d) Can't wait for Thomas' story! Yes I want to see Oliver's but I want Thomas more. And maybe Cain?

e)Alas...Another series for me to wait forever for the next book...

Gabriel's Mate - Tina Folsom If the previous books were 3-stars-worthy, this one would go for a 3.5, maybe even a 4 at some points.

We have Gabriel...


Gabriel has a secret that keeps him from being intimate with women often, a secret that when they discover it they recoil from him in terror. The last time he loved a woman he ended up with a scar that destroyed his face so he doesn't believe there is a woman who would love him out there. When the gorgeous Maya is turned against her will and lands in his arms he can't help but hope that she will accept him as he is but experience has taught him not to expect much.

And we have Maya...


Maya wakes up in an unknown house, with strange people all around her who tell her that after a rogue attack she's become a vampire, something that a week ago she would consider a legend. If that wasn't enough she seems to accept only one type of blood and that comes in a bottle named Gabriel. With her world upside down Maya has to find her place in a new world, learn how to control her new body and see where her overwhelming attraction to Gabriel will lead, all that under the threat of the Rogue vampire out to get her.


In general I liked this book more than the previous in the series. For starters I liked both heroes. Maya is a strong woman who takes what life throws her way and makes the best of it. I have a soft spot for survivors!

Gabriel is the classic tortured-scarred-emotional wreck of a hero that we come across so often in RNR but his "secret" gives him the unique quality that the previous heroes in the series lacked.

One thing I didn't like was the fact that once again we knew the bad guy halfway through the book. Where is the mystery? The suspense?

My two other not favorite parts were:

a) The love at first sight thing again. I know I complain about it all the time and then melt again when I find some swoon-worthy hero but I need a better romance development... I don't mind the lust at first sight but I want to see the "love" part growing by getting to know the heroes. I felt that whenever one of them had doubts they f*cked their way through them.

b) I don't mind weird sex in my books but at some points I draw the line. This book straddled the line between what I find acceptable and what not.

So I guess I'm done for now... 3.5 stars.


PS. I really wanna see a Thomas-Eddie romance!xD
Yvette's Haven - Tina Folsom *******SPOILERS*******

The 4th installment in the Scanguard Vampires series makes me once again believe that the author uses films and other books to get inspiration. Let me elaborate...

To begin with, we have our hero, his name Haven:


(Yeap...Gandy is always my go-to guy for dark haired-blue eyed heroes.)

After Haven watched his witch mother getting murdered and his sister kidnapped by a vampire he thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn't up for the job anymore and decided to go all Buffy on their asses. Growing up prejudiced and full of hatred he became a bounty hunter without any qualms about killing vampires left and right until he crossed paths with Yvette and suddenly he began thinking with his smaller head(witch for once proves wiser)!

Then we have our heroine, her name Yvette:


(Aha, a younger Angelina is deffinitely what the author must have had in mind.)

So Yvette is about 80 years old(human and vamp), she works at scanguards as a bodyguard and tries to pass for a tough cookie. She succeeds quite well in playing the "deadly playboy bunny" but she is all insecure and vulnerable inside. The moment she sets eyes on Haven she melts into a puddle. Well of course then he kidnaps her and her charge but who cares? The guy is hot after all.

The story...

One bad-evil witch kidnaps Haven's brother Wesley and in order to give him back she wants him to kidnap a young actress named Kimberly and bring her to her. Of course he has to kill the bodyguard first but after meeting Yvette he can't do it, so he kidnaps both of them. Later the witch betrays him and imprisons him along with all the others. They learn that Kimberly is Haven's and Wesley's sister and that together they form a threesome of witches supposed to be the most powerfull beings on earth called the Power of Three. Reminds you of something? Well it did remind me...




And then we have revelations and emotions and betrayals, you know the usual deal.

My problems with the book:

a) The heroine was pathetic. At first she was petty and jealous of every woman who could have a kid, then she would go on and on that she isn't a real woman because she couldn't have one and stuff like this. I wanted to slap some sense into her... If all the women out there who cannot have children thought like this we would have many more suicides! And then she didn't want a child because she wanted to be a mother but because she wanted a man to love her. "NEWS FLASH lady, if a man doesn't want you as you are, he doesn't deserve you." Okay...Enough rambling!:p

b) This time we didn't just have love at first sight. It was like love before even that, they confessed their undying love about a day after meeting. Come on people, a little more believable next time...

c) Once again the story was predictable and worn... It had little new to offer.

In general the book was pleasant enough, not impressive and not memorable, just something to pass the time. So 3.25 stars, maybe 3.5 at some points but I don't think that with the heroine it had I would give it a 4.


(The last gif is a bonus because I loved the show, especially when Piper blew stuff up.)
Zane's Redemption - Tina Folsom You know how in almost every series with immortal warriors out there there's one who is ready to go off the deap end? One who due to past torture or something tramautic has lost more of his humanity than others, in BDB it was Zsadist, in MB it was Tegan, in DH it was Zarek, etc. Well, that's what Zane is in this series, the wounded, sligtly feral one.

So, Zane...


Zane was just a little older than a teenager when he and his family were arrested and sent at a concentration camp. After surviving five years of torture in the hands of five mad scientists he escapes as a vampire and swears revenge for what was done to him but more impoortantly for what was done to his little sister. 60 years later, Zane is a different man than he was before his captivity, more cruel, a little more sadistic, feral in many situations and a lose canon one time too many according to his boss Samson. As his last chance to get his shit together Zane's charged with a low risk and low stress job, all he has to do is keep a 21 year old "party girl" in check for a few weeks but everything isn't what it seems.

And Portia...


Portia is a hybrid(half human, half vampire) and about to reach her 21st birthday which will be the day she will stop growing. Six weeks before her birthday she learns that if at 21 she is still a virgin she will remain one forever, doomed to experience the pain of "first time" every time she has sex. What hurts worse is that her father knew this but he still made her promise to keep away from boys until after college. Now she has six weeks to lose her virginity but she doesn't want to lose it to anybody, she wants to lose it to Zane, the bodyguard her father hired to make sure no one would get near her. But when Portia tries to explain the situation to Zane he won't believe her at first... After all what father would condemn his daughter to such fate?


After that we have the usual, they fall in love and then we have revelations, betrayals, talks of who is worthy of whom and who isn't, the known deal. Zane turns out to have a soft side, Portia turns out to be exactly what he needed but in order to be with her Zane will have to let go of his past, etc.

The book wasn't all that original story-wise but it was well written and interesting enough to keep you glued to your seat. In my opinion it was the best so far in the series. I liked both heroes and although once again I couldn't see the relationship development due to the "lightning quick love" I enjoyed their romance well enough.


I think my biggest complaint about the series after the lack of originality is that because of the speed with which the characters fall in love I fail to see the connection between the heroes. I know that this is supposed to show that it is "fate" but I don't find it satisfying enough.

So, 4 stars, maybe 4,5 at some points and fingers crossed for Quinn's book!

Amaury's Hellion - Tina Folsom Let me tell you a story...


There was this guy, let's name him Amaury.

What? Ah...You want a visual too. Ok..See?


And guess what this gorgeous, big, bad vampire could do(I told he was a vampire, didn't I?). Yeap, you guessed right, he could read everyone's emotions and it was mighty painful for him, the only thing he could do to take the pain away was have sex(wish that took my migraines away too). Then one day he crossed paths with a little wannabe-vamp slayer, let's name her Nina... Oh you want another visual? Sure...


And of course he couldn't read her emotions, and there was a "prophecy" that when he fell in love his curse would break. And of course our little vamp hunter fell in his bed and heart in ten seconds flat, and obviously everyone lived HEA in the end(well ok...they had some adventures first but you get the point).

Now tell me...Sounds familiar?

Well of course it does because there was nothing original in the characters or the story! There is one book exactly like this in every Paranormal Series out there.


The heroine was for the better part of the book a complete disaster, obviously the author tried to give her a tough-chick persona but failed miserably, the only thing I saw from her was stupidity. The girl couldn't stop getting in trouble where the hero had to save her from. There at the end of the book she showed one or two good things but it was too late.

The hero was better, his character was much better developed and despite the fact that he had nothing new to offer to my "males" list he was intriguing enough to make you continue reading.

The story was better than the previous book, or at least it had a little more action that made it appear interesting enough.

In general the most obvious problem was that everything, from the plot, to the characters, to the romance was like I'd read them 1.000 times before with nothing new to at least add some mystery. It was a story to read, pass the time and forget the next day.

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost I really, really don't know what to do with this book... I can't even decide how to rate it(I change my mind every ten minutes). It had moments where I wanted to clap my hands and have a little happy dance and then I'd read something and want to close the book and save myself the disappointment. I wanted to cry at some points because all my expectations turned to dust!



I'd decided I wouldn't use spoilers for this one but I don't know how to do it and explain at the same time why I was disappointed, so spoilers it is.


I will begin by saying that this Vlad has nothing to do with the Vlad from Night Huntress, he doesn't even resemble the more mundane edition of him from [b:Once Burned|7039218|Once Burned (Night Prince, #1)|Jeaniene Frost||7288100]. I want the unyielding, arrogant, heartless, full of dark humor SOB he once was back.

This Vlad was wrapped around Leila's finger for the better part of the book like a schoolboy with his first crush. He kept saying "if you do this or that, I'll _______" - fill the blank with lock you up, punish you, etc - , and then he forgave her every time. And as if that wasn't enough, he had to go out of his way to give her everything she wanted at the end. And I do mean everything. Meh...

I can't believe I'm saying it but my favorite moment in the book with him was when he broke Leila's heart. At least at that point he was the Vlad I knew and loved (you know...Cold, cruel, cynical).

I just kept reading and trying to understand who this new hero was and had he done with my Vlad. The worst drawback in this was that you couldn't see the changes happening. There wasn't a developement period. One day he was cold and heartless and the next he was a mat for Leila to walk all over. I just can't see this happening. Maybe if the changes happened one at a time I could suck it up and say "well, the man fell in love, of course he would change" but it was like he slept one night and woke up another person.


And then of course we have Leila. Leila the strong, brave, gutsy heroine of the first book has become Lela the whiny, naive, needy little girl from the second. What happened to her? So Vlad can't love her, so what?

***NEWS FLASH Girl, you knew that going in. He said he can't love you first thing in the relationship, he never promised you anything. If you want more than he can give you, you man up and leave him.***

But no...She had to become clingy and humiliate both of them before she finally got that he couldn't give her what she wanted. And of course after that she had to believe the worst of him because... because... well, the only reason I can think of was that did what he had promised from the beginning, protected and sexed her up without promising his undying love. Yeap...I can deffinitely see why she would believe that after he gave her exactly what he promised her, he could do the things she suspects him for.

So what I have to say to Leila is... Grow up and stop acting like a bratty 15 year old who thinks the world goes in circles around you.


Now for the book in general... For the most part my big disappoinment in the book were the characters. That isn't to say that it didn't have it's good moments. Moments when the good, old Vlad we know and love, came out to play and moments when Leila thought of someone besides herself but they just couldn't tip the balance with the rest in my opinion. There were also exchanges where the old Vlad (the ruthless, dark one) showed his beautiful self and then... Meh. Leila caught his balls again.

I don't know if it was the high expectations I had for this one or the anticipation for something good but I was brought down to Earth none too gently.

The last 1/4 of the book was somewhat better, or at least the action helped to get over the disasters of the first half of the book. Through the whole book I sat there and prayed that my beloved Vlad would come back but in the end I ended up with Leila's man. That's exactly what happened to him, he wasn't Vlad anymore he was "Leila's man".

I know the book had good moments...I actually quite enjoyed it at some points but I just can't even remember them right now. My mind has stopped at the bad things and can't get over them.


PS. Please Frost, give us Vlad back in the next book. PLEASE!
Samson's Lovely Mortal  - Tina Folsom The book was fine, not very good, deffinitely not great, just average. The romance was the usual "love at first sight" type that's beginning to get old for me and I would have like it to have less sex and more action. The hero felt a little immature to be 200 years old but the heroine was suprisingly good considering the rest. The baddies were predictable halfway through the book so no mystery there, I kind of liked the secondary characters though so that won some points.

I think the most obvious problem with the book was that there was nothing original.

So 3 stars because I am a good person. Nah... 3 because it had moments when I couldn't stop laughing and because in general it wasn't boring just too predictable.

Sorry. Can't write a better review...I have Vlad to read!

Lucas (Vampires In America, #6) - D.B. Reynolds I just finished this book and guess what? Ok, so you won't have to think hard to guess how I felt about it...


Kathryn is an FBI agent and after her brother goes missing she decides to go to South Dakota where her brother last was and try to find him. What she never expected was to fall face first in a war between two Vampire Lords, neither did she expect to fall in love with one.

My Kathryn...


All Kathryn ever wanted for herself in life was to be an FBI agent. She raised herself and her brother after their mother's death and has always been a control freak. Now her life seems to have gotten completely out of hand and she has to decide if she will really live at last or go back to the neat and uptight way she existed before.

Kathryn is a strong woman with a commitment issue. (I always love a story where the girl is the one who is afraid of relationships.) She craves action that her work for the FBI hasn't provided yet and has aspirations for a better position in the agency. Of course everything begins to change when she meets Lucas.

My Lucas...


Lucas is 200 years old and a playboy through and through. He had an awful childhood but he didn't let it destroy his life, instead he lives life to it's fullest, enjoys every moment. Of course this doesn't mean that he can't be a badass when he needs to be, after all he is a Lord and that in itshelf means he is powerful enough and determined enough to destroy his enemies when the need arises.

Lucas will want Kathryn from the very first moment but he will have to work hard in order to persuade her that they are meant to be together, especially since she doesn't want to admit her feelings. But Lucas refuses to be denied what he believes belongs to him.


The book was once again great. I really think that, after Cyn and Raphael, these two are my favorite couple in this series so far. I kind of missed Cyn and Raphael...This is the first book in this series in which they don't appear at all!:(

And once again we had our expected cliffhanger in the end. I hope the next book is as good as all in the series so far. I can't begin to explain how much I dislike the fact that now I have to wait months for the next book of yet one more series. *crying silently*



Yeap...That about sums it up! Until the next one... ;)
Duncan (Vampires in America, #5) - D.B. Reynolds Hm...I think I'm too bored to write a full review so I'll try to be fast.

My Duncan...


I decided Duncan is a younger Brad Pitt, and then I found a picture of Brad Pitt from Troy because let's admit it, he was at his hottest moments in this movie! (Not to mention that he wasn't the only drool worthy male character in the film.)

Meh...Got off track. So, Duncan was, as always, delicious. In this book we see him without the shadow of Raphael's awesomeness over him and boy does he shine. Although I usually go for the "tall, dark, mysterious" type, I have to admit that Duncan did for me from day one. A born and bred Southern Boy he could kill you with his kindness and patience until the moment he decided to kill you literally. Powerful, loyal and cunning he will steal our heroine's heart in ten seconds flat.

My Emmaline...


After giving a lot of thought I decided Olivia Wilde will do as Emma. Emma is my kind of heroine, stubborn, independant, smart and a badass if the situation demands it. She isn't the "martial arts" kind of heroine or the "I will kick your ass with my eyes closed", she is however a strong woman with good survival instincts and can shoot a gun if the situation demands it from her. She is after Cyn my favorite female so far in this series!

About the story...It was good although I felt some things were left unfinished but not enough to make a bad impression.

I love Miquel and Louis from the beginning and Baldwin later on.

I hated that bitch Phoebe from her first appearance.

And I can tell from now that I will like Lucas.

*I feel like I should have added "stop" at the end of each sentence there at the end!:p*
Rajmund - D.B. Reynolds Right now I'm like....






Now that I got that out of my system...


This is the story of Raj...(no drooling on your screens pls):p


And Sarah...


Sarah has been protecting her secrets her whole adult life but now they have come back to haunt her and she has to decide what is more important, keeping them or saving a young woman's life? Raj is a powerful Vampire with aspirations at becoming the Lord of his Sir's territory after the recent deterioration of Krystof's power. Although he never was power hungry he understand the need for a competent ruler among his people and he isn't willing to bow to anyone again. When his master calls him home(Buffalo) from Mahattan, which is his territory, he knows that the time has probably come to face his Sir one last time. Sarah and Raj will work together in searching for 4 kidnapped women and although the sexual tention and growing feelings between them will keep growing, the lies and lack of trust will drive them apart. Can they overcome their problems and be together?

Let me begin by saying that I haven't disliked a heroine as much in a very long time. Sarah is weak in every meaning of the word. She has no backbone to speak of and the only time she discovers her little determination is to make a mess! I found her stupid at times I mean seriously, the girl wanted to get involved in a police investigation so she decided to offer her advice as a "vampire expert" when the most she knows on vamps are from romance novels and "girly conversations" with Cyn and then later when Raj didn't want her involved in a dangerous situation she decided it was a good idea to run face first in a blood bar, waiting for the first vampire to sink his teeth into her , naive almost all the time and a pain in the ass when she had no reason to be. I seriously can't get over the fact that the same author who created a badass heroine like Cyn also created this one.


But then we have Rajmund. I loved this guy. Other than the usual "she would be better without me in her life" the guy is a serius badass! He is confident but not too arrogant, funny, hot, loyal, so what's not to like in a guy like this? His one fault is that he liked Sarah in the first place!


I loved Emelie. The girl was awesome. I wish Raj was with her and not that idiot Sarah. A pity she is a lesbian and we won't have her story!:(

The story was exciting enough to keep me glued to the pages even though I hated the heroine so there had to be something good there.

We only saw Cyn and Raphael a little bit at the beginning and then just enough to give us a slap and end the book. After reading about Sarah I thought about taking a break from the series if the next heroine is as bad as this one but the cliffhanger in the end took care of that!;)

Let's hope Sophia is made of better stuff!*fingers crossed*

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James The only thing I have to say about this book is that if someone packed Grey in a box, wrapped it with a bow and sent it to me as a gift, he had better written a returning address because Mr. Grey would have ended up in the trash.

(Oh and the heroine and her inner goddess would soon follow.)


This book was possibly my worst spent money EVER!
Sophia - D.B. Reynolds Okay...Before I begin I will tell you the reason why I liked this book so much. Almost half the book is told by the POV of none other but my favorite Vampire in the series, Raphael.



Raphael and his gang will travel to Seattle to investigate the death of two of his children and will find out that there was a third attempt that didn't work out. With the help of Cyn, Sophia (a vampire who belongs to Lucien but has come to Seattle following leads her sire left her on another triple murder) and Colin (the human man who passes as police in the little town out of Seattle where the vamps live), Raphael will try to find out who harmed his children and avenge them.

Sophia is 300 years old and the most powerful vampire Lucien has sired but she lives very far from Lucien's territory. After Lucien urgent summons she arrives to Canada to find him gone and discoveres that he has shrugged his responsibilities on her which could very well mean her death. After following his directions to Seattle she finds out that there are more than the three deaths in Canada but she also comes face to face with Colin, the only man she ever loved, the man she betrayed.

I have to admit that I found really interesting the "three person POV", the fact that the story focused on two different couples added to the excitement and helped in not getting bored.


My Colin...


Colin had served in the Marines for twelve years when he decided it was time to retire. Colin has loved one woman his whole life and he has thought her dead for ten years. Can he get over the lies and betrayal and claim Sophia?

Colin is a strong male character. He is a man confident in his own skin but not arrogant, an alpha male without domineering tendencies, his first instict is to protect Sophia but he allows he doesn't let his protectiveness get in her way. This is what I liked most in Colin. He acknowledges Sophia's power and doesn't try to get her to cower behind him. Oh...And of course his hot!

My Sophia...


Sophia was turned at the age of 22 after she lost everything she cared about. Lucien offered her a new life and she accepted without any regret. She enjoys the fact that she is a Vampire(none of the depressing "I'm-a-monster" stuff. Her one true regret is Colin.

Sophia is a strong woman. She isn't a warrior but she learned to fight in order to survive and in a world where power isn't measured only in muscle she is strong enough to take almost every challenger on. What I liked about Sophia is that she does shed her feminine side, she uses it as a weapon. It shows the fact that a woman can be feminine and strong in the same time. This lady may look like the "damsel in distress" type but she hasn't been in a long time!

What we don't get to see in the book is the romance built-up between Colin and Sophia but this is understandable since they've been in love for the last ten years so no problems there...


Back to Raphael and Cyn, we get to see how our favorite couple is doing. I'm happy to say that Cyn continues to be the same stubborn, badass self and Raphael continues to be his overprotective one (not that he doesn't have a good reason with Cyn's tendencies to get in trouble all the time).

So all the above combined with an interesting story and the usual awesome secondary characters make one happy reader.

Of course at the end of the book we had the anticipated cliffahnger. Anticipated since Reynolds seems to love them, interesting nonetheless since the next book belongs to Duncan (*kissing noises*) and I really can't wait to read his story. Hope it doesn't dissapoint!


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