The Laughing Corpse - Laurell K. Hamilton The Laughing Corpse is one of my least favorite AB books and I really don't know why. It's interesting, doesn't have all the sex craziness, no relationship drama but still... It doesn't have Edward either.

There is this one moment in the book that ruins it for me. Anita is, if nothing else, supposed to be the good guy(she says so herself many times) but in order to get what she wants from Wanda she lets JC terrify the poor woman. That's just wrong in my book.

Then we have the "Manny thing". I mean good guys are you know...good. They don't go around sacrificing people. Why does everything have to be so grey in this series? Black and white are nice colours to have as well.

Generally the book was good enough. I liked the Seniora a lot for a bad guy. She had all the right psychotic characteristics. I didn't like Gaynor though. He was greedy(too greedy) not crazy. Weird? Me?