Guilty Pleasures - Laurell K. Hamilton I have to admit that this is my favorite love-to-hate series. It has so many faults it isn't even funny after a point but damn it's addicting. You know you shouldn't, you know it's bad but you still come back for more.

Anita is a dilemma for me. On one hand she is strong, gutsy, snarky enough but not too much. She keeps you entertained. On the other hand she is a prejudiced idiot. She is kind of misogynistic(as the books progress she only gets worse), kind of prudish, a lot of narrow-minded. I kind of hate all these stuff in my heroines.

Then we have Jean-Claude who is a manipulative SOB who probably would sell his own mother if it helped him in any way. I don't much like JC, in this or the next books. He is too self-centered IMO. His goals the only thing that matters, the fact that to get there he has to use people he supposedly "cares" about never seems to stop his quest for more power.

The rest of the characters are very steadily on the "positive" side for me. The baddies are you know, bad. Cruel, wicked, psychotic. Exactly as they should be.

Phillip was kind of heartbreaking. Every time I read his reactions and answers I wanted to cry a little and kill Anita for being so harsh and judgemental with him.

And of course the highlight of the book was Edward. Damn but I love Edward. I want a series based on him. He would make probably the best good-vilain out there.

They probably didn't have this Edward in mind when they made it but I so am team Edward.

I have again mentioned that I love the gory details in the Anita Blake books. It's just so easy to get into the scene with your mind. Probably why some people hate it but I enjoy it(possibly disturbingly much).

Something else that annoys me so much in the books is the names. When someone talks, especially Anita they use their interlocutor's name every other word. It's so annoying to read the whole "I know Phillip. The master wants to see me Phillip. I'll be there Phillip. Jump off a bridge Phillip." See? An-no-y-ing

Generally I like the book. It is one of the best in the series because it's before the whole relationships drama and non-stop sex.