Anna and the French Kiss   - Stephanie Perkins ********SPOILERISH********

Ohh...This was soooo sooooooooooo good. Everyone is definitely right to love this. Although I liked Anna a little bit less than Lola the story was just as great as [b:Lola and the Boy Next Door|9961796|Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)|Stephanie Perkins||7149084]. Lovely characters, teenage angst(which didn't run in the "can't take more" territory" and a boy to die for.



I can so totally see Anna Paquin as Anna Oliphant. She has that sth. Sweet, beautiful with the gap between the teeth. I loved Anna in the beginning of the book and liked her for the rest. I think she was just a bit selfish at some points when she was worried over stupid things when Etienne obviously dealed with much greter issues but generally she was a good post-teenager heroine. Effortlesly believable and relatable.



I at once loved Etienne and thought of him as a little bit of an idiot. I mean yes, he did give all the signs that he wanted Anna but then he went back to his stupid girlfriend and messed everything back up. He was funny and sweet most of the time and I really can't exactly dislike him for his assholish times because he lived in so much stress and hurt from his family. I have a soft spot for bad childhoods. I can't help it.

The story was sweet and funny. Kind of predictable at most points but still entertaining. I so want a book on everyone in their group. Meredith should get this fab Italian guy and Rashmi a supper hot college boy. I already know from the blurb of the third book that Josh will end up with Isla which is definitely cool with me.


Such a pity I'll have to wait a whole year for the next book. People, pleaseeeee, publish faster.