On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young I was pleasantly surprised when I realised this book was much lighter than I thought after reading the blurb. The characters although they came with baggage never became overwhelmingly emotional. I'd been stalling reading this because I thought it would prove to be depressing but I was wrong...

I have to admit that I usually like a book more if the heroine is the one with commitment problems. I think it's mostly because I can relate. I don't like long relationships and big words either. (Luckily I'm too young for it to be worrisome.) So you can understand why I would like Joss. Did I think that at some points her denial was a bit too much? Kinda. But I liked the fact that she knew that she was lying to herself. It even had a line in the book... I've always being good at lying to myself. I also enjoyed the fact that even though Joss was closed off to the point of frustration she didn't have a problem with who she were. She didn't have the usual "I'm not adequate" thoughts that most heroines have. It did have some moments that she worries that she wasn't Branden's usual type but no self-deprecation.


I actually liked Braden so much. He was the typical "millionaire-bad boy-player" of contemporary romances but he had something that other characters usually lack. When he realised he wanted Joss for more than a casual bed buddy he went after her. No trying to deny it or fight it or whatever. And although I know that for most girls this line -"I have a girlfriend but I'm not blind.Just because I cant do anything , doesnt mean I'm not allowed to look."- would be a huge turn off to me it was honest and so damn true. I challenge you to find me a man or woman whom because he/she is in a relationship doesn't look around. It doesn't mean you act on it but you definitely look IMO. I also enjoyed how loving and protective he was of his family.

One thing I have to say that I know most people won't agree with is that I didn't like Ellie all that much. She was overly sweet, too romantic, and the "thing" she did to bring Branden and Joss together just pissed me off. Adam on the other hand was soooo awesome!!! I also hated, absolutely hated Jo. I don't know if I'll be reading her book.

I liked the story in general(okay loved it). I was sad when it was finished. The "therapist" breaks made me laugh my head off most times. The panic attacks seemed just a tiny bit overkill though, don't know why.

That's it. I'll make sure to try more novels by this author.