Sins & Needles - Karina Halle And it's your face I'm looking for on every street


What a book. I think the last time I had so many ups and downs with a book was reading EIT. Before anything else I have to admit that KH is a master at creating complicated and totally messed up characters. They wouldn' know perfect if it bit them in the ass.

It's also true that KH is a master at character development. I know it sounds easy sometimes but it's a very rare fact that you actually have development. We usually get change, meaning... At some point of the character's life he/she goes through something and comes out a different person. The change is usually instant, one minute the character is some way the next he/she is a new person. KH changes her characters little by little, you see them evolving, growing up, you notice the small changes from page to page. In the end you still have a new person but it's a gradual and slow process. Don't know if I make any sense...


If you ask me I'd say that she still is heartless, reckless, selfish and cruel. I still didn't like Ellie in this book, I liked her even less than I did in [b:On Every Street|17230557|On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)|Karina Halle||23745831] if that was possible. The girls was a flaw s a whole. There were two lines in the book that sadly were absolutely true for Ellie IMO.

Young Camden: "You are a bad person Ellie."

Older Camden: "This always has to be about you doesn't it?"

Ellie is a bad person. Maybe it was her idiot excuse of parents, maybe it was what Travis did to her, maybe it was her time with Javier. It's easy to find excuses for what made her the person she is today, that still doesn't mean that this person is good. I've read a few reviews that say that Ellie has a good heart. To be she is a bitch. She has this self-righteous attitude, thinking that because she was fucked up by life as a kid she has the right to steal and scam her way through life because the universe owes her. Excuse me for not being impressed. If every abused child, everyone with child hood trauma, everyone with jerks for parents went out and started stealing and conning then we would never get out of our houses.

"I tried", Ellie said.
"You didn't try, you wanted the easy way out, didn't you know by now that there isn't an easy way out?"

Once again Camden said it exactly right. Ellie never did try to go straight. She tried one job application and them met Camden and saw the dollar signs again. After everything she'd done to him, after sleeping with him she still had it in her to try to rob him. She even still had the nerve to say that he was the one who broke her trust because he didn't let her get away with it.

And the LOL moment was... Ellie: "I lived my life by my own rules." I think I actually laughed when I read this. This girl lets her past, her scars, her parents, Javier and later Camden make all the rules for her. She lives in insecurity, denial and fear all the time and she believes that she lives by her rules. In this game everyone else made the rules, everyone but Ellie.

This isn't to say that she didn't have her moments and there by the end of the book she did one or two unselfish things that show that maybe, maybe by the end of the series Ellie will be someone I can like.


Camden, aw Camden. Now this guy... This guy was drool worthy. He had the looks and the brains. I have to admit that the brains won me over. His remarks were always to the heart of the issue. He saw right through the pretenses and the lies. He said the truth to Ellie, made her see her flaws. I have to admit that I was just the tiniest bit dissapointed when I learned that he was in trouble as well. I would have prefered it if he was honest and good tbh. Or maybe not. Sadly experience comes hand in hand with the loss of inocense most times. Anyhow, Camden is definitely my favorite character in the series so far. He didn't have the "ick" factor that made Javier creepy because he wasn't a bad person. He was a good person entangled in a bad situation. Now this one had all the rights to indignation but he still lived his life, tried to make the best of every day, found fun where he could. Sexy as hell.


The book was heart breaking and harsh. I probably would have cried my eyes out with the ending if I wasn't so drunk last night. It's not a beautiful book, it's full of messed up situations and even more messed up people but it is capturing. One thing is for sure, relatives in this book would be better of dead. One was a bigger idiot than the other. The story was fast paced and exciting, you literally couldn't resist reading and reading and reading some more.

Javier was his typical creepy, psychopathic self. Amazing this boy...


PS. I just hope that there won't be an indecisive Ellie in the next book trying to pick a boy although I know I probably won't get my wish.