Dairy Queen - Catherine Gilbert Murdock I have a little mixed feelings about this book!
The heroine this time is a girl who "doesn't read all the time", "doesn't have a genius IQ", "isn't a school valedictorian, cheerleader, reporter", she is a farmgirl with an average IQ and a love for sports that came with the territory of having three brothers and a father obsessed with football. And she isn't perfect at football, she doesn't win whole games miraculously by herself!

This is what I liked about this book, things aren't out there. Yes she likes the star QB but the QB isn't an angel in a bad boy's costume. He really is a jerk at times, especially when things don't go his way.

So my problems didn't have anything to do with the characters, I had a little problem with the whole "cow" thing but in general the book was quite enjoyable. I think I will read the sequels at some point, if for no other reason I will read them because it kills me to know what happened with Brian.