Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt This book was just so cute. It was light and fast paced. Nothing that stays with you for long but good when you want to spend some fun time.

What I liked in the book

1) The teenagers seemed like real teenagers. The guys were horny-dogs out to get into every pretty girl's panties. The girls were loud and cute. Not the usual sweet boy and shy girl. The hero had his sweet moments but didn't turn into an "eyes just for you" guy just because he fell in love. He still noticed other girls, still got turned on by some of them he just chose not to act on it. For me this is much more believable since, hello, tennagers, hormones. Even the girls were horny more than usual in YA although they didn't act on it as much. I think the heroine was a bit OCDed which I always found cute.

2) The way the book was written was kind of interesting. It was kind of like "present" , "past", "future" narrative. The story begins with a road trip to college but we have flashbacks that explain the story so far. It was well done.

3) The "my father-your mother" thing wasn't exactly original but it was nicely done.

What I didn't like about the book

1) Courtney father and Jordan mother. Were they idiots or what? Her father was an award winning ass and his mother was a total tool. I mean, you son catches you cheating on his father and you don't even try to explain yourself? Beg? Cry? SOMETHING! Meh...

2) Lloyd. I can't see what Courtney ever found in the sleazy guy. I didn't thing Jordan was the best catch but that's why I liked the book. No one is perfect, but Lloyd was so far from perfect that it was rediculous.

Generally speaking I had a good time reading this but I wouldn' recommend it to anyone looking for a story with "depth".