Fancy Pants - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I have to admit that this book is probably the most difficult to rate I have come across! There was a part of the book I hated (I actually started reading it a while back but kind of dropped on the in-the-future-maybes because I couldn't take much more) and then there where parts of the book I just LOVED!!!At first I picked up where I left certain that I will get bored again and at last sleep at a normal time.One of the biggest mistakes lately!
The whole thing has a great image feeling to it in the begging...Then it kind of warmed up to me and then some things gote dicey again and then I liked it some more... So I am really perplexed on how to rate it!

What I hated
The past stories: This book is really frustrating with all the lengthy stories of the heroine's parents-grandparents-great uncles and I don't know what else. Then we have the heroes baby years, his college years, his adult years... It kind of frustrates you until you want to scream before you get to the good part!

Parts of the plots: No I did not hate all of it but I really didn't like some parts like the hidden child or the fact that Holly and Dallie kept their marriage as an excuse not to get serius in a relasionship. These things made me thing less of our heroes!

Gerry: I won't even try to say why not. Just read the book...He was wrong on sooo many levels!

What I liked about the book
The heroine: In the beggining of the book I was sure that I would dislike the heroine through the book but God was I wrong! Francesca begins the story as an awful person! Arrogant, vain, lazy, bratty with a face angels would cry over and a body poems are written about she thinks it enough to make herself a life. I thought it one of the stories where the plain guy would fall in love with the bratty heiress but of course SEP didn't quite agree! Francesca matures as the book progresses, she learns hard lessons when she is left with nothing and her nice face can't help her, she builts herself from the beggining and becomes a comfident female who has every reason to be sure of herself!

Skeep: If this was a fantasy novel Skeep would be the angel in a bad boys costume who comes in the lives of the heroes to set things right! An ex-con, scary guy with more wisdom than all the other characters put together! Subtle hints here and there, quiet interventions and he makes everyones life better! I would just die for my very own fairygodfathery-like bad guy!

Parts of the plot: I love the way the heroine manages to change her life and start from zero when all she had been taught in her life was to behave like the world belong to her. I also liked the part that the hero's childhood plays in the way his life unfolds. Once again SEP manages to combine humor-romance-drama in a quite interesting story without stretching one of them to the point where they become boring!

Now the hero was kind of run of the mill for SEP so it was not all that fascinating getting to know him but it sure was interesting enough to keep reading. Cocky, gorgeous, almost succesful(the big difference with her other heroes who all seem to be quite famous before the beggining of the books), with a painfull past and hidden insecurities. Overall a good hero but not exciting

After a certain part of the book it was quite an enjoyable ride!;)