Amaury's Hellion - Tina Folsom Let me tell you a story...

There was this guy, let's name him Amaury.

What? Ah...You want a visual too. Ok..See?

And guess what this gorgeous, big, bad vampire could do(I told he was a vampire, didn't I?). Yeap, you guessed right, he could read everyone's emotions and it was mighty painful for him, the only thing he could do to take the pain away was have sex(wish that took my migraines away too). Then one day he crossed paths with a little wannabe-vamp slayer, let's name her Nina... Oh you want another visual? Sure...

And of course he couldn't read her emotions, and there was a "prophecy" that when he fell in love his curse would break. And of course our little vamp hunter fell in his bed and heart in ten seconds flat, and obviously everyone lived HEA in the end(well ok...they had some adventures first but you get the point).

Now tell me...Sounds familiar?

Well of course it does because there was nothing original in the characters or the story! There is one book exactly like this in every Paranormal Series out there.

The heroine was for the better part of the book a complete disaster, obviously the author tried to give her a tough-chick persona but failed miserably, the only thing I saw from her was stupidity. The girl couldn't stop getting in trouble where the hero had to save her from. There at the end of the book she showed one or two good things but it was too late.

The hero was better, his character was much better developed and despite the fact that he had nothing new to offer to my "males" list he was intriguing enough to make you continue reading.

The story was better than the previous book, or at least it had a little more action that made it appear interesting enough.

In general the most obvious problem was that everything, from the plot, to the characters, to the romance was like I'd read them 1.000 times before with nothing new to at least add some mystery. It was a story to read, pass the time and forget the next day.