Lean on Me - Cherise Sinclair Aww...What to say about this book... Cullen. Oh, dear God Cullen. He is sooo my fav this far. I think I fell in love with a book character(again).

Here he is...


Reading about him in the previous books I expected a player, someone who would play hard to get due to "commitment phobia" and I was partly right. He was a player and he liked screwing around until a certain sub walked into his life. I like the fact that in this series the heroes aren't afraid to go after what they want.

If I was into BDSM for any reason it would be the fact that doms know what they want and get it. In theory and in books it seems great(I'm sure if I came across someone like this in real life I'd test how much damage my fist can cause). A pity really.



With an attitude equal to any Domme Andrea has a hard time finding the right top for her until she walks into Shadowlands and a very attractive trainer decides to take on the challenge. I both loved and disliked Andrea. I loved her humor and the way she didn't give up and disliked her insecurities concerning her background and family. I strongly believe that origins don't matter, just what a person does with himself or herself. It's rediculous to be ashamed of what other people do.

Generally the book was AWESOME. I like how the books gradually evolve and each gets to have a more interesting story. Yes, it's still erotica and has all kinds of sex scenes but the author gives us more. The story behind every person, a development in feelings, a more consistent ending.

I also loved the fact that Cullen didn't want to share Andrea. I enjoy the BDSM side in this series but I still can't stomach the fact that these people are willing to share their partners even with boundaries. I would be constantly green with jealousy if my bf even kissed someone else. I'll take territorial and jealous(in a certain extend) over this every day.