Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1) - Cherise Sinclair You should know before reading my review that BDSM isn't my thing. It is way out of my comfort zone and although I may believe that everyone has a right to get off however they want I still cringe every time S&M is mentioned. So, you probably realize what a surprise it was to me that I enjoyed this book so much. If it had more of a plot it would be a solid 5.


Master Z


Z was so damn hot. He had this overly protective personality combined with a bit of edge and danger that could keep any woman on her toes. He is smart, sexy, rich with some kind of mambo jumbo thrown in for good measure that helps him understand people perfectly AND he is a children psychologist in his day job. Now tell me who could resist? Jessice sure couldn't.



Jessica was a really lovable heroine. Intriguied by the new world she stumbled upon by accident she decides to learn her way through it and who better to teacher than the top Master himself. Jessica is a sub but only in bed. Walking around she is a hellcat with an attitude and a mouth to match.

I have read a few BDSM related books before and they left a bitter feeling but this one was totally different. The hero didn't try to supress the heroines personality. He liked her spirit and fire. Yes he took control in sexual situations and she obviously enjoyed it. The fact that there wasn't any hard-core S&M stuff helped a lot since I don't think I could possibly stand a scene with true violence.

One thing that I loved about the book was the safe sex. The coupke never went in unprotected and god, what a relief that was. I just can't stand uprotected sex. I can take it in PNR because there usually an explanation about it (immortal hero/heroine who can't procreate or catch a disease, etc) but I can't stand uprotected sex in contemporary romance with silly excuses like "I'm on the pill".

The second thing was that there was nowhere the "L" word. Another relief there. The heroes didn't begin picking wedding invitations and confess their feelings after two days of f***ing each other silly.

Generally the book was good and if there was some kind of plot lost in all the sex it would be a 5 but there wasn't one anywhere.