His at Night - Sherry Thomas I think I have to say a big "Thank you" to Aly for recommending this book to me. I have a feeling that I would become a historical addict if I let myself get more involved with them. This book was AWESOME. I didn't want to put it down for a moment.

The story was satidfying. It had a thrilling hero and a great heroine(sth that usually doesn't happen in historicals, at least not for me) and a side story just as great.

I loved both Vere and Ellie. They were both liars and manipulators but both had a good cause to keep them going. It was so fun seeing how Vere played at being an idiot when he was in fact quite inteligent and Ellie played the "agreeable little damsel" when she was in fact a courageous and opinionated woman who would go at any lengths to help those she loved. They were so good for each other.

I think Ellie's aunt was a coward. Instead of standing up for the young girl she let herself waste away and become a burden on Ellie. I know that the vilain was Ellie's uncle but IMO her aunt was just as responsible.

I liked Angelica's and Freddie's side story but I would have prefered it being a full book or even a novella so that we could enjoy them more.

The reason why this would be mostly a 4,5 for me instead of 5 is that I would have wanted some more of the book to be dedicated to them knowing each others "real self". It kind of seemes like they fell in love with the image in their heads.

Overall the book was quite enjoyable and will definitely take a place in my "favorites" self.