The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, #1) - Dana Marie Bell **********SPOILERS**********

This book is somewhere between a 2,5 and a 3 for me. Sadly, although the writing and the idea was surprisingly good, the book contained some the things I don't enjoy much in PNR.

1) Insta-love. Now this wasn't just insta-love, it was love at the speed of light. The hero said the "precious 3 words" to the heroine in HOURS. Not days, hours. I mean they did know each other in high school(years ago) but they weren't friends or an item so this meeting counts as the "first contact". I get the mating thing happens instantly, I can also understand the insta-lust thing(kind of) but I can't wrap my mind over the fact that he decided he loved her in 5 hours.

The more time he spent with her, the more she fascinated him. She amused him with her wit, aroused him with a glance, frustrated him with her avoidance, and forced him to deal with her in a way very few people could.

This after they've had about 2 conversations which couldn't have been more than 10 minutes each. It's kind of rediculus.

2) The heroine accepted everything way too easily. The hero marked her(turning her at the same moment) after just hours without asking her and then tells her he is a were-puma and she just accepts it. Like he told her he was a banker. Yes, a crush since highschool can help accepting just about anything but come on. AND he was so sure she would be moving in with him right then and there(which she did). There was no denial, no hysterics, nothing. I don't enjoy it when there's tones of drama but a little bit should be there.

What I did enjoy about this short story was the heroine and the writing. I would have liked a longer book so I can appreciate both better. The heroine was fun and quirky and I liked so much the fact that she took everything in good humor.

That's all. The rev is longer than the book!:P