MacRieve - Kresley Cole Spoilers! Mostly tagged but since I know few of us can resist spoiler tags(I know I can't) I thought I should warn you!

OH MY... The ending killed me. Major cliffhanger and definitely not what I wanted in the next book but now I can hardly wait!


About this book:

Beginning I would like to say "WHAT A HEROINE". Yeap, that's it. You'll get what I mean when I get there.

So, we have a boy, his name Will, and a girl, her name Chloe. He is a lykae, she seems to be human. She is his enemy's only daughter, a soccer player and way too cute for her own good. He is, well of course, tortured, prejudiced and a major ass. Hem hem. He is... tall, dark and sexy? Better huh? Still an ass.




THE MacRieve is the hotter of the "Hot and Hotter" twins(at least our heroine things so). He is the typical "Cole" male. He is sexy, tortured and prejudiced. Yes, we've seen it before. No, I didn't like him as much as Lachlain or Lothaire or even Nikolai and Bowen. He was too prejudiced. The verbal abuse towards Chloe was too much to be forgiven even with his later regret IMO. This time Cole took it a bit too far.



Now Chloe was a perfect heroine. Brave, good natured but not a pushover, beautiful but not vain. She didn't take shit from Will but knew when to forgive him, when to try more. She didn't rush head first into danger in some misdirected "freedom" mision. She was rational and funny and did I mention a soccer player? I like women soccer so very much.

Tbh the whole book gave me a "teen movie" vibe. What with the tomboy getting ready to become a woman and the hot guy who likes her because she is different. Of course then we had the "steamy hot" scenes and the teen movie went straight to adult!:P


The story was solid enough. I loved Nix at the beginning of the book. Sadly there wasn't more of her. DAMN but I want her book so, so badly.

The thing that annoyed me a little was the fact that when Chloe's species is revealed I felt no surprise at all. Cole has used the "most hated species for a mate" a time too many IMO. It didn't spoil the book for me but it was a big black spot.

That's it for now. If I remember anything else I'll make sure to add it.

PS. Pls KC give us a Nix story. I so don't want to wait for years.