Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12) - Nalini Singh This book was so awesome. It's definitely in my top 3 in the series.

Since I enjoyed this system on my previous review I will use it again to make clear what I like about this book the most!

The couple: ★★★★★
The heroine: ★★★★★★★★★★
The hero: ★★★★★★★
The plot: ★★★★★
The limited POVS: ★★★★★
Aden & Vasic: ★★★★★

I won't name the heroes although I'm pretty sure there aren't many people who haen't heard who they are anymore. Still...

The hero


What can I say about the "Obsidian" male? He is definitely in my top ten list of book heroes as of now. He is sexy, powerful, ruthless and loyal to a single woman. For her he would destroy the world(literally) but for her he would also save it. His love for the heroine doesn't make him "soft", just makes him think hard before being a bad boy! I LOVED him. I have a think for anti-heros and bad boys and he is certainly both! I am tempted to fight Ang for rights over him!:P

The heroine


Now the heroine was the best of this book. She was beyond decent! The girl was such a beautiful surprise. After being imprisoned for 7 years and treated like an animal she has the strength to go on with her life, to be thankful for teh things she got back, to forgive the ones who harmed her, to dance with the most frightening man in the world. I respect her strength of character and loved the fact that she didn't have one whiny comment, one self-pitying instant! She was exactly what I like in my heroines. I would recommend this book to everyone just based on her.

The story was nice. Especially the romance related stuff. I enjoyed how their love grew and developed over the years and how they never lost their faith in each other even when the heroine couldn't remember anything of her life! Such a beautiful love story!

The plot in general was interesting. I liked the hero's desplays of power and the way the heroines good nature made him a better person. I kind of liked the way the "war" progressed and the Pure Psy were defeated although I wanted Vasquez to suffer more(muaha haha).

This book is definitely a 5 and I definitely forget many things I wanted to adress in my review but for now that's all!;)