Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Although once again I loved this book I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one.



Vaughn is awesome of course but he lacks some of the edge that made Lucas so hot. He is supposed to be more feral but to me he seemed more tame. Maybe it's the difference between alpha and Alpha. I think my main poblem was that he accepted his "mating" way too easily, especially with a silenced, soulless Psy.



Faith again I liked but not as much as Sascha. She wasn't as easily loved as the Empath girl. Maybe because the Silence had to be bled out of her, maybe because she was a little bit of "other", I don't know exactly why but I had a hard time loving her.

The story in general is great. Fast paced, well written and with enough seeds to keep you interested in the next books. I'm intrigued even though I've already read most of the other books and I generally remember what happens!^.^