Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley When I decided to read this book I thought I was in for something at least interesting. What I got was a messed up relationship, a shallow(and idiotic) heroine and a hero, I really don't know what to say about the hero.


Why the heroine was an idiot:

1) She was having sex with a guy she didn't even know the name of. Not once or twice, but every week for 1,5 year!

2) Said sex was unprotected even though she suspected the guy had a parade of other lovers.

3) Her sister is in a ton of troubles which will lead at best in jail, at worst in death. Someone broke into her house. Someone set her father's house on fire but all she thinks about is dresses, shoes, boys.

4) The guy above knew everything about her even though she knew nothing. He had installed cameras at her house(without asking or informing her), he had her followed and he is determined she belongs to him, despite her protests. All that even though he thought of her as a slut who all but dropped her panties to get his attention the first night and then had sex with him without knowing who he was for 1.5 YEAR! And she is seriously considering a relationship with him despite all the above because he installed her a security system, got her a pair of shoes and carried her out of a fire(and I know it sounds all heroic and shit but she could have easily walked out on her own). So suure let's forget that the guy is domineering and creepy.

This guy said it perfectly...


About the hero...I seriously can't tell you anything about him because the heroine doesn't know anything except that he is hot, he has 3 brothers and he used to be in the army(all of which she learned in the last two days not the 1.5 year they'd been lovers).


Btw did I mention that this TSTL girl with the fish IQ has 4 hot guys pining for her? And she also pants after them like some desperate 40 year old virgin. Seriously...

After I read about 40% of the book I got a little afraid that idiocy is contagious and I don't wanna catch it so I dnfed this sucker.

PS. Did I mention that this guy had been breaking into her house all this time? She hadn't given him keys or anything like that.