Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh Again this book was great. Not mind-blowing but well above average good.

Clay is nice but he wasn't irresistible to me. He felt like someone I would want for an older brother, not someone I would be attracted to. Maybe it was because he knew the heroine from such a young age and the connection began as "best friends" and escalated to mates.

Tally is a very strong person BUT her lapses to self-pity kind of lost her points with me. That and the fact that she hurts Clay by being afraid of him when all he did was try to protect her. I get it that for a woman who was abused as a child and then suffered all this emotional trauma it was a very logical thing to have moments of insecurity. It's just that I can't relate so it all seems overly dramatic to "perfect-childhood-me". (I feel a little of a bitch just by admiting this.)

This time I have to admit that the general world building and non-romance related story held more my interest. I also found out that I don't remember half of the story which of course is delightful because it can still surprise me.

I also find the leopards a bit more interesting than the Psy and the wolves. The Psy creep me out a little bit. I can't wait to re-read Dorian's story!!