Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I really can't remember why I decided this book wasn't worth my attention the first time I read it. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for it because this time around I couldn't put it down. It has everything!

A decent heroine:


Mercy is a walker. Walkers aren't like werewolves, she doesn't have super-strenght, the full moon just looks beautiful to her, she doesn't have the "killer" instict. She is happy working as a car mechanic, she is loyal to her friends, she is compassionate but she doesn't let people take avantage of her. She is stubborn and independant.

A hot hero:


I love Adam. The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that Adam is a nice 5 feet 10. In most PNR and UF we have heroes who are built like tanks. 6+ feet, 200+ pounds all of it muscle. Then I go out and try to find one or two guys to match, needless to say I can't. It's nice for a change the hero to be more real! Except for that I like Adam as a character, with his needling to Mercy, his protectiveness of his daughter and his status as an Alpha he has already won my heart!

A lovely third person:


I liked Samuel in the Alpha and Omega series, I don't much like what he did to Mercy though. A centuries old guy should know better. I think I'm a little prejudiced now because every time Mercy thought of him I wanted to slap her. Especially since he still wants her for the same reason. Generally Samuel is probably a nice guy and I would love to have his story but I want him to go away so Mercy and Adam can be together!!

The story was nice. Fast paced, well written, full of action. I liked the fact that although there is a love triangle it isn't annoying because the heroine doesn't think of the guys 24/7 and doesn't go from one to the other every five minutes. The side characters were awesome. I new what would happen to Mac but that didn't help, I was still sad.

Off to the next one!;)