Fair Game - Patricia Briggs 5 stars goes without saying of course!

I have a question and since I'm too bored to look it up I'll wait until some awesome GRs friend answers me... Is this series going to have another book? I thought it was a trilogy but I have to admit the end felt like it left things unresolved.


This book begins about a year after Bran made the werewolves public. Since humans now know about shifters Bran has applied stricter rules and Charles is the one who plays the executioner, a job that has began to taking its toll from our beloved hero because he doesn't believe everyone who died deserved it. In an attempt to help him Bran sends Anna and Charles to help the FBI solve a serial killer case where the killer seems to have changed his pray to shifters.


In this book Anna's and Charles' relationship goes through some problems. It's nice to see how they develop as characters. Anna has come a long way from the frightened girl she was when she first met Charles and Charles has come a long way from the closed off person he was before Anna.

Btw, in most shifter books the heroes go at it like rabbits. It's nice for a change to have a couple who can interact with each other without having to fight back "uncontrolable" lust. Not they didn't have one or two sexy moments but they didn't jump one another at every corner.


In this book we have fairies, cops and murderers. I kind of liked the fact that it had more of a mystery feeling than the others. The story was fast paced and well-written as usual and the end just blew my head off. This a**hole sooo got he had coming. The sad thing is that stuff like that happen in real life too. Maybe there aren't shifters-vamps-fairies but humans can become worse monsters than any of the fictional ones(and I'm not just talking about the murderer but for the people who let him get away with it too)!