Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs 5/5 stars



Anna is a very rare Omega wolf, this means that she has a calming effect on other wolves as long as she is calm. Omega wolves are to be cherished and protected above all others because they keep the pack sane. Apparently though her last pack didn't get the memo. Anna was changed against her will, was beaten and passed around the pack at the orders of her previous Alpha. Three years later came her salvation, a salvation named Charles.

Now after what was done to her it is logical that Anna was a bit skitish during the book. 3 years of abuse have left her flinching every time a dominant wolf so much as breathes in her diraction. This isn't to say that the girl doesn't have a backbone, something that becomes obvious every time someone corners hers and as she slowly comes to the realization that no one is going to hurt her at her new home.



Charles is a very, very dominant wolf even though his father is the Alpha of his pack. When he realizes how Anna has been treated every protective instinct in him goes wild. If you combine this to the fact that his wolf recognizes her as his mate you get an overly protective and overly possessive wolf.

I like Charles. He is a dominant but he doesn't try to assert his dominance over Anna. He is protective of those he loves(even when they can take care of themselves), he is loyal and he doesn't show any bitterness over the fact that he follows his father and has become his "pet assassin". I also enjoy the fact that for a change in a shifter book the male is happy to have found his mate. He wants Anna, no fighting, no resisting.

The wolves


We see a lot of new wolves in this book and we also have Walter's, Bran's and Asil's POVs besides Anna's and Charles'.

Bran I love Bran. The Marrok seems a bit Jaded in this book. not really all this strange since he is hundreds of years old and he has seen many loved ones die. I think Bran brings a little tragedy to the story. I felt so bad about his relationship with Leah... I think he is kind of an idiot at how he is handling his "marriage" issues though.

Leah Leah is Bran's mate and although she is a bitch I think she has every reason to be. On that account I think Bran's at fault.

Samuel Another sad spot in the overall story. I want to know if and how he becomes happy.

Asil And here we come to the side story. Asil is a wolf who is over a thousand years old. Asil has some issues as well. I found his story heart-breaking and maybe even a bit more interesting than Anna's. I loved Asil.

Sage Sage is a wolf in the pack. We don't see much of her but I do hope she will end up with Asil.

Walter Walter was a newly turned wolf. He was turned against his will and lived in the mountain for months before Anna and Charles found him without knowing exactly what he had become. He was a good man who lived on the mountain alone to save others from his flashbacks to the Vietnam war. I was sad he dies but he died as a hero.

We have some other wolves but they are not as important.

The story was nice. More sweet than full of action although it did have some of this as well. Although reading about the people you might think the book was overly dramatic I have to say it wasn't. It was nice to see how Anna and Charles develop during the story, how Anna starts to trust people again, how Bran and Asil go on with their lives after their tragedies.


I won't tell you more, read the book. It is worth it.