Ryan Hunter - Anna Katmore, Piper Shelly WOW. Two days ago I couldn't believe I didn't know there was more of Liza and Ryan to be had. I liked the story from Liza's POV but I LOVED it from Ryan's.


If you asked me yesterday I would have said that I couldn't like Ryan more but I was sooo wrong. He is so sweet and lovable. AND he has a personality, sth that in most YA books is missing(Liza kind of misses this one too). I liked the fact that P.S. didn't try to make him one of these "I don't care about anything" teens. He cared how his friends saw him just like any other guy in his age. His playboy status was more about keeping up an image than anything else. Should I dislike it? Nope. He is an 18 year old boy. Anything less wouldn't be believable.

Now this story is probably targeting a little lower than my age group but I really don't care. The story was adorable without the slight whining and immaturity of Liza's book. It's one of these books that you can't help falling in love with. It was fast paced, funny and sooo cute.


Btw in this book I liked Tony even less than I did in the previous.

Also Shelly has awesome songs in her books' playlists.
My favorite

PS. Is this series going to have more books? Maybe based in other characters? I'd love it!xD