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This gorgeous creature is Gwenvael. Gwenvael the Handsome, Gwenvael the Sexy, Gwenvael the Hot. Just ask him, he will confirm it!

I love the dragons in this series. They are all so arrogant and self-centered but they are honorable and thoughtful and funny as hell. Gwenvael's story is one of my favs. He is so adorable.

Dagmar is such an awesome heroine as well. She is a badass but she is the badass you never see coming. She won't attack you with swords like Annwyl, she will plot and lie and scheme to bring you to your knees.

The story was funny, sweet and so sad at one point. I like the fact that although we have a new couple at every book, the stories of the previous heroes keep developing!:)

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Ragnar, Dagmar and Gwenvael!;)