Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon The heroes:



From the very first moment I read about Acheron I was in love. The mysterious, sexy, brooding, loving goth Dark Hunter leader captured my heart from the first page! He is powerful but tries not to take advantage of his power even when people let him down left and right. He takes care of those he loves and protects those he feels responsible for, he is always there when the others need him and never asks for sth in return. You can't dislike him if you try. (Although at some points I thought everything would be better if he killed one or two or a hundred people!):P



Tbh Tory isn't what I had in mind for Acheron. I wanted a heroine a little more punk-ish. Maybe a badass with blades and scars(someone like Tabitha) but Tory had her own advantages. She was fearless, loyal and accepted Acheron just as he was. In the beginning I didn't like her at all because she seemed like a judgemental bitch but she grew on me.



I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Simi! I love the little demon girl... She is a combination of wisdom and naivity, naughtiness and innocence and you really can't help liking her, just like her Akri.



Artemis is a royal bitch! She takes advantage of Acheron and hurts him in every opportunity, she is uncaring, heartless, selfish, cold. She thinks only of what she wants and she doesn't care who has to be hurt to get it. So of course I'm a fan!;)

There are many others, Apollymi(whom I love), Lysa(for whom I don't feel neither hot nor cold), Nick(who starts to get on my nerves), the Dark Hunters and the Weres but if I list them all the review will be longer than the book!

The story.

The story is written in two parts, the first one is Acheron's past(11.000 years ago), and the second part is in the present.


Acheron's past was painful to read and I mean it, I felt pain in every page. I've read the book about 10 times and I can't bring myself to re-read the "past story". Acheron has suffered every way a human can suffer, he has been shamed every way a human can be shamed, every awful thing someone can think of has been done to him. I really was impressed that with so much abuse he didn't become feral.


In the present Acheron continues to put up with Artemis' abuse but she is the only one that dares hurt him(and dare she does). I really don't get why he let even her but I guess if you kick someone one time too many... Of course with the love and understanding of our heroine he'll get over the past...blah blah blah. This was kind of expected. The "present" story was entertaining, funny and sweet but nothing really original. I think I liked it more because Acheron finally got his HEA than I did because of the story itself.

Generally the book was addictive. Do I think it could have been much better? Yes I definitely do...Did I like it regardless? Yeap...I loved it!