Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken This series, this series...

I love Annwyl! Just LOVE her. She is so stubborn, snarky and fearless. She has no brain to mouth filter, sth that I find very attractie to my heroines. She is such a badass and she keeps getting crazier as the books progress.

Fearghus is good as well. All hot and powerful but Annwyl steals the show IMO.

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This book is awesome, at least I believe it is. Full of funny moments and action, without any angst and turmoil and all that boring stuff. Some would say that the emotional chemistry between the characters isn't there and it would probably be true but I love it nonetheless.

The dragon family is HILARIOUS. My favs are Gwenvael and Éibhear.

This is not much of a review but I'm too bored to write sth better!;)