On the Plus Side - Tabatha Vargo This turned out to be much better than I thought it would. I had a very good time reading it and this is all you can ask of a book IMO.

Tbh the story wasn't sth overly original. Poor boy getting paid to date rich, chubby girl and falling in love in the process. I know you've heard it before but I enjoyed it nonetheless.




I liked Lilly. She was a strong girl, fun to be around and although she was chubby she didn't let it get her down. Did she have insecurities about her body? Well, yes but honestly I think if you ask any girl with extra kilos out there(and some without) they will too! Nevertheless this wasn't a book about a girl whining and complaining about her weight and then stuffing her face. Lilly expected someone who wanted her as she was, she didn't want to become sth else to have someone like her and I couldn't help admiring this. I also liked the fact that although she was loaded she still went to work every morning and wasn't snobbish like her awfull mother.



I have to admit that I couldn't make myself like him. He was a fun character to read but I couldn't get over the fact that he got paid to be with Lilly. Yes, he was trying to take care of his family and one should probably admire that but I couldn't. Maybe because I liked Lilly so much.

What I didn't like in this book...

1) Lilly's mother. That bitch showed no respect for her daughter at all when she "bought" her a boy. I know that in her twisted way she loved Lilly but the woman was a snobbish idiot.

2) Renee. Another bitch from hell.

3) The unprotected sex. The above didn't annoy me because they were needed for the plot but the unprotected sex annoyed the hell out of me. You just don't have unprotected sex with a guy whom you've known only a few weeks and who you already know has had his fair share of lovers. And don't get me started with the "I'll pull out" crap. Did they grow up in the 21st century or in a cave? Meh... -1 star for this alone.

4) There were some grammar and spelling mistakes but I don't really care about this so...

What I liked about this book...

1) Lilly and her Ice-cream addiction.

2) Jenny.

3) HEA

4) Surprisingly I enjoyed the story. It didn't have "boring" points.

5) The tragic stories in the hero's and heroine's past. I enjoyed them because even though it becomes clear that they've left scars the heroes don't start the angst and turmoil monologues.

So overall...


PS. This is Adult fiction. It has too much sexual tension and sex to be called New Adult IMO.