Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning “One day you do meet a man who kisses you and you can’t breathe around it and you realize you don’t need air. Oxygen is trivial. Desire makes life happen. Makes it matter. Makes everything worth it. Desire is life. Hunger to see the next sunrise or sunset. To touch the one you love. To try again.”



What a ride this book was. In a scale from 1 to 5 this book was a 10. The others were awesome, this one was beyond words. UF isn't even my favorite genre and I couldn't get enough. I also don't usually like reading books that are more that 400 pages long, it's inevitable that there will be boring parts with so many pages but this book had none, there wasn't a moment that I thought I should put it down to do something more interesting.

The whole 5 books could have basically been a single huge one. It's just one continual story cut in smaller pieces and this book is it's peak, the excitement, the answers, the revelations, the closure. It's all here for the taking at last.


There were so many things I loved about this book..

“Love knows no right or wrong. Love is. Only is.”

The love stories were the best part of the book. We finally got to have some romance, Mac and Barrons have it out. He will die for her, many times, she will go to any lenth to have him back.

Fire to my ice. Ice to my fever.

“He pulls me around and kisses me. "You're Mac," he says. "And I'm Jericho. And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me. Do you understand that?"
I do.
Jericho Barrons just told me he loves me.”

But it's not only them, I was fascinated by the unraveling of a way more epic love, a love that created and destroyed entire worlds. Misguided, arrogant but eternal.

She warms his frost. He cools her fever.

“Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything.
They make you feel so alive that you'd follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.”


There were so many things in this book, others you anticipated, others blind sided you and others still, left you reeling.

Rowena was indeed the bitch from hell and she had done exactly what I suspected she had since we got to know Dani.

V'lane was jerk, I just hadn't anticipated which jerk in the equation.

DEG and the Queen, that I didn't see coming.

What Mac actually was left me flabbergasted.

The book IMO wasn't Evil, it just couldn't comprehend warm emotions, it was made of dark, hate and wrongness but it wasn't its fault because it had nothing to compare the dark emotions to. In the end it just wanted to be accepted as it was, it just didn't know the right way to go after its goals.

"Evil is a completely different creature, Mac. Evil is bad that believes it's good."


PS. Sadly I won't be reading [b:Iced (Dani O'Malley #1)|12444166|Iced (Dani O'Malley #1) (Fever #6)|Karen Marie Moning||17427104] anytime soon. I just don't want my "fever high" to be completely dissolved by "Dani talk". I can't stand being in her head, I don't like her use of slang, I won't even go to the possibilities of a romance developing between a thousands-year-old guy with a 14-year-old girl. At some point my curiosity will get the better of me but for now I'm happy in my fever-induced happiness.