Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning This is going to be short because seriously I can't wait for the next!!

What an end...I don't have a problem with cliffhangers, I actually enjoy them, they make my curiosity spike, my blood boil BUT I seriously hope that if what I think happened did indeed happen, KMM has a way to fix it!

As for the rest of the book...

The book was once again awesome, filled with action and suspense but it once again raised thousands of questions. I am seriously happy that the next is the last not because I want it to end(far from it) but because we will finally get some answers.


The beginning of the book was WOW, just WOW. Although if I had to read one more sentence come out of Dani's POV I would have cut myself. I kind of liked her before but her POV destroyed all my warm feelings.


I didn't like Barrons as much as I did in the previous books either. I get that he was jealous but I didn't like the fact that he kept reminding Mac of her rape. It was shitty. I can forgive him the fact that he left her in the dark but not this.

Least fav person: Rowena (the bitch should DIE)

Fav person: Ryodan (I love you, cold, cynical being that you are)