Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) - Abbi Glines *******SPOILERS*******

I know I am being a little harsh with only 2 stars but I have to admit that I found the book very dissapointing! We have this absolutely mouthwatering cover and a kind of interesting story (very twilightish) and it also has 4.01 stars so I decide (since I am in that kind of mood) why not this one?

I will tell you why NOT:

1. The heroes names in this book(except maybe Miranda) kind of suck.
2. There is a love triangle (yes I know it is often the theme in ya romances but god I can't stand another indicisive teenager).
3. The heroine. Pagan is portrayed to be a very "mature" and "selfless" girl who sacrifices her life for Death's. I can't see where this came from... Pagan is a selfish, whiny, completely immature girl who:
a)Lies to her friends and mother all the time.
b)Thinks the whole universe evolves around her.
c)When she doesn't get what she wants she drags everyone into depression with her.
d)One day she wants Leif and the next she is madly in love with Dank.
e) Last but not least she knows from the beginning that she doesn't love or even want Leif yet she becomes his girlfrind because he is "safe" and "comfortable" and she doesn't even stay faithful, she tries to jump Dank at every corner!
I think the author tried to give her a nice, selfless, mature personality but got caught up in the drama.
4. Dank. Now of course he is gorgeous, tormented and brooding and sinister but compassionate, full of pashion and talented and etc. All these in a package of a 17 year old looking immortal who harvests souls. And ok when you get over the fact that all these should come with a package of someone older looking, I would really like to know what a guy like that wants with a tennage girl! I personally think it should be illegal!
5. Pagan is one step away from total breakdown and her friends don't even see it until she goes psycho on them! I would hope my friends prove more observant.
6. The characters are mostly boring and way overused! (We have the older than her age heroine, the brooding, tormented immortal hero, the full of life best friend, the sweet yet kind of blind third person). None of them had something new and refreshing to offer.

Now I know that I have stated all that I thought wrong and I really don't like giving negative reviews because I understand the fact that authors base their careers on their books but I really couldn't get over it...

However I have to admit that if I had read this book two years ago it is very possible that I would have given it more credit but after so many books in the last two years this one felt worn on every level!

Oh and since I said all the negative things I should probably say why 2 stars and not 1. There were two things in the book that I really enjoyed.
1) Gee! I loved the psycho girl(I know this probably says all there is to be said about me) but she was fresh, funny, NOT BORING!
2) I liked the fact that the ultimate sacrifice wasn't death but choosing to live despite the difficulties! I have to admit that this was very interesting twist in the story but it couldn't really tip the ballance between the negative and the positive!