Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning *******SPOILERS*******

Beginning I would like to say how much I like how the charachters' develop in the two books of the series I've read. You can literally see Mac growing up, setting her childhood fantasies and dreams aside, getting over her "glam girl" persona, becoming more suspicious and aware of the world but not losing hope that one day she'll have them back. We see her former self trying for domination but the new Mac has other ideas.

About Barrons, the author gives us just enough to keep us on our toes, hungring for more. I really like him because although he still has Mac believing she's just a weapon to him he doesn't act like it. He is constantly getting her out of trouble and every time she is in a bad situation(like life and death bad) is about the only time we've seen him distressed in the books. I have to admit that I am sooo curius to find out exactly what he is, especially since the bad guys seem to see him as such a big threat. Strong, rich(and yes, I'm shallow enough to thing it a major pro), mysterious and probably very powerfull(not to mention HOT) he's going to quickly take a place to my "Fav Book Hotties" collection.

Aww, and when he calls her Mac, banters with her and shows jealousy, I swoon in my chair, bed, etc..

And another one because one is not enough when it comes to him...

V'lane, Christian, Ryodan. I can't wait to learn more. V'lane's presence is usually overwhelming in the book, when Mac talks about him I can't focuse in anything else. He is an arrogant SOB but he doesn't understand the human rules so I'm willing to forgive him. I don't know exactly who or what Christian and Ryodan are but I'm willing to bet we haven't seen the last of them and that they are both hot.

Btw I think Mac shouldn't want to use the OOPs for her gain, especially the dark ones. It's not random that they have a long list of corrupted owners.

As for that BITCH Rowena, she can go to her corner and DIE! I don't like her, at all. I kind of like Dani, I'm curius to see what happens when Mac decides to spend time with them.

We also have a new bad guy in the game, don't like him much(understandable).

The end was again a cliffhanger and I was a little sad with Mac's realization but I think it's for the best. Innocent doesn't survive long. Good doesn't survive long if it can't bend and if it survives it's usually twisted, like Rowena's mind is. If you allow or commit crimes in the name of good then you don't know what the word means IMO. The ends don't justify the means, the greater good doesn't justify bad actions.

And now we come to the part where I'm about to rant...

What was this shit with the fae eating? I mean seriously? I can totally see the bad guy doing it but I think KMM should have let Mac die before adding this scene. I get that it shows Mac's will to survive and the fact that she isn't a screaming little girl anymore but COME ON. It was disgusting and it totally ruined the steamy scene that followed for me. All I could think was "he's kissing the mouth that was chewing on living flesh not an hour earlier", not to mention it happened next to a decaying body. I couldn't get over it and celebrate the fact that they kissed. I get that UF isn't always full of rainbows(hehe) but I wanted their first kiss to be a little more...Clean. She was in a cave more than 24 hours, without shower, toothbrush, clean clothes, they had just fought and beheaded a decomposing guy and SHE HAD BEEN EATING LIVING FAE FLESH AND HADN'T EVEN BRUSHED HER TEETH YET.

I thought about giving 4 stars but I really enjoyed it so I will pretend that the above didn't happen and give it a 5.