Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning This book was awesome, I mean AWESOME. I have to admit that I'm not as much in love with it as most people but I think that, if the series goes on like this, it will quickly take a place in my "fav" category.

I won't try to describe the story of this book because honestly everything that needs to be said has already been so I'll just tell you my opinion of it and the review is going to be full of SPOILERS (you stand warned).

My Mac...


This is the first image I got from Mac. Blond, beautiful and kind of a bimbo. She loves pink, spents hours in hair, make up, nails, clothes, etc. And then her sister dies and this girl is out for blood.

I LOVED Mac, not because I enjoy this type of girl all that much but because she was fresh and original. She is a little selfish and shallow and that's ok because most girls at this age are. There are very few people out to save the world, most want to only save themselves and maybe the people they love. I liked and hated the fact that she didn't get out of her way to help other people, loved it because it just might be a first for a heroine and hated it because let's face it nobody likes selfish.

Don't get me wrong, the girl wasn't a bitch, she was polite, funny, smart, kind and loved her family with her whole heart. When she found herself in need she got over her "beautiful self image" but she was a human and like most people she wanted the world saved as long as someone else did the saving.

I also liked the fact that she didn't go from barbie to badass in ten seconds but this was a little ruined in the last chapters. Here I have to make a complaint, why dear author did you have to make her an "instictively good fighter"? I liked my girl as she was, a 21st century-barely out of her teens-southern belle.

My Barrons...


Scott Elrod is probably the closest to how I imagine Barrons. Barrons is sexy and mysterious and all things dark. He is also a major jerk. He uses Mac, takes advantage of her talents and threatens her on top, and I loved him most of the time. The guy isn't a dormat, he doesn't fall under Mac's spell and become her puppy. He is strong, handsome, dangerous and always gets what he wants. Enough said.

What I liked in this book beside the main heroes:

a) NO insta-love. There were things cluing us that there is some attraction between the heroes but thankfully the heroine didn't get all warn and fussy every time he looked at her and they didn't get down and dirty in the middle of their adventures with half the city chasing them.
b) Fae is a bit of an original story for me, I have only read one other series based on Fae and it wasn't nearly as good.
c) The scenes with V'lane. I think it was hilariously disturbing!^.^
d) The story though nothing very original as a whole was interesting and with enough original parts to keep you glued.
e) The nails scene, I tried to picture it in my mind and kept laughing my head off.

Neither hot nor cold:

a) The book was supposed to be written by the heroine about a year after the events, so far so good. What irritated me at times was the fact that she would describe sth and then say sth between the lines "I would later find out, I would later understand, I would later...", I would have prefered it if this didn't happen so often, but it's nothing I couldn't get over.
b) Barrons Ms. Lanes. It was so irritating that he never called her by her name BUT the moment he said her name I was like...



About the bad stuff, I can't remember anything annoying me much but I would like to know more about Barrons and what's up in his head, luckily there are more books coming up!!!

This review is already huge so I won't say anything else, just read the book!