Heart of Atlantis - Alyssa Day So this is the last of the Warriors of Poseidon series and what an end AD gave us! The book is about Alaric and Quinn finally! These two have been fighting their feelings long enough!

The final and most powerful jewel of the trident of Poseidon has been found and is currently in the hands of a man who claims to be the rightful king of Atlantis. Ptolemy has revealed the existence of Atlantis to the world and he kills anyone who doubts his right to the Atlantean throne. Alaric and Quinn are isolated in Japan trying to find a way to cure Jack but they have to find a way to retrieve the jewel before Ptolemy drowns Atlantis and everyone they love.

Alaric has been in love with Quinn for a long time but as the Priest of Poseidon he has taken a vow of celibacy and the Elders claim that to take a mate is to forfeit his powers but an ancient Atlantean princess, a mysterious woman who claims to be the spirit of the Portal and the historian mate of one of the warriors claim that by taking a mate Alaric will only grow stronger. Can they risk his powers now that Atlantis needs it's priest the most?

Alaric isn't the typical tortured hero with childhood traumas and soft feelings hidden from the world. What tortures Alaric is the loneliness that came as a result of his vows and his uncompromising love for Quinn. He is powerful, arrogant and he would do anything for those he loves, especially Quinn.


Quinn has been the human rebels' leader since she was a teenager. The weight of responsibility has began to take it's toll but she doesn't know how to give up. Now that she has been exposed she has some hard choices to make. Quinn as an empath knows what people around her feel so she knows exactly how Alaric feels for her and totally returns the feelings but she can't risk everyone just to be happy. She is brave, smart and loyal. She would do just about anything to save the people in her life even if she has to sacrifice herself in the process.


The book is really good. Alyssa Day closes the series with a fast-paced, intriguing last adventure and although I really wish she would write a story for Jack or Noriko(I haven't read what her plans are next) I have to admit the end was satisfying. I won't say more because I have already spoiled it enough!;)