The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead WOW! I just finished the book and can I simply say...The end killed me!

But let's start from the beginning!(Definitely spoilers ahead)

Opening the book I didn't have many expectations...I was pretty sure that it would end up a love triangle but boy was I wrong! This time [a:Richelle Mead|137902|Richelle Mead|] surpassed herself in the romantic aspect of the book!
The romance between Sydney and Adrian is steamy hot and absolutely consuming without the sappy, pathetic puppy love scenes YA romances are usually full of! We finally have contact between them and it is divine!

The minute I opened the book I knew I would love it because:

"THIS WASN’T THE FIRST TIME I’d been pulled out of bed for a crucial mission. It was, however, the first time I’d been subjected to such a personal line of questioning.

“Are you a virgin?”"

That's the first thing you read! I mean...

Don't get me wrong the whole book wasn't exactly great! I have to say I actually hated a lot of aspects about it... First of all the Marcus Finch side was just wrong on so many levels. It had all the problems I find in YA books where the heroes are usually teens to early twenties- some stuff are just totally unreal. Marcus comes off as this totally immature playboy who although he is full of big words, he never actually does anything except from putting others in danger and still he manages to avoid a whole trained organisation out to get him! But I can overlook it because it is a YA novel and it is a fact that the heroes are always way more "fake" than they are in adult novels simply because real teenagers are only interested in passing exams, their latest crush, weekends and complaining that the world doesn't get them(I know I was).

The witch aspect was a tiny bit better and it had some interesting parts(I loved the whole Hopper thing) and the twist in the end was suprisingly good because the rest was a tiny bit predictable but all in all it was nicely done.

“Adrian's face was the picture of perfect politeness and restraint, meaning something disastrous was about to happen.”
I have to admit that in the other books I didn't really like Adrian, epecially the VA ones. I found him kind of bratty and whiny and sometimes plain pathetic. But in this book I think he really came through! He was more motivated and definitely a better person than the other books. He drank less, he didn't get into messes and he actually helped Sydney without putting more weight on her shoulders! So GO ADRIAN!

And then we have Sydney...To be honest although I generally like her as a heroine because she is brave and doesn't take shit from people, I also found her kind of hypocritical at some points. She uses magic but Adrians magic still is "unnatural", she dissaproves of compulsion when she has a freakin tattoo that's dosed with it, she sees the Warriors as the zealots they are but she doesn't see that alchemists are the same prejudiced lot until the end of the book. But there at the end she makes the big surprise and makes you forgive her the bad stuff! That's it girl!

Generally this book has something in it...I really don't know what exactly it is with Mead's books but although we see all the faults we can't put them down! Of course there is the fact that they are always well written and fast paced.The latter is really important to me...Yes I like knowing what the characters are thinking but when it is so full of emotionally overloaded teenagers that the plot doesn't evolve I get bored.This is one problem that I never have with Mead's books. They are always interesting!And the end was absolutely perfect.It leaves you panting for the next one!

And I am supposed to wait until November!

What I missed from this book where the secondary characters. I want more Eddie and Jill!Also I hate Zoe already.I feel it she will be a pain in the ass!

That's it! All in all I really don't know how to rate it but I think I will give it a 4.5 stars because I liked how the characters evolved in this book and I LOVED the romance!