Red Fox - Karina Halle They went to Red Fox, New Mexico looking for ghosts...

But that wasn't what they found.

When you come across the unknown what is the wise decision?

Perry and Dex find themshelves in another supernatural situation. What started as a "ghost hunting" has turned out much more sinister and their enemy is very much alive. Our heroes have two choices, they can run and forget their show or they can stay and risk their lives to find out what exactly is going on.

In this book Perry and Dex come across a closed off Native American society with it's secrets, myths, legends. What happens when the myths start coming true? In order to survive they have to know who to trust but everyone seems to be hiding something. An old friend, a Navajo man turned christian, his scary blind wife, a creepy Mexican rancher, and two older Navajo ranchers, all with things to hide. Who is the enemy? And can you trust your own eyes?

Now to begin with...

My Dex

I have to give him a sexy image because to be honest I am just not sold on him. I find him disgusting at times, creepy pretty much all the time and an ass occasionaly. I really can't find something appealing, maybe in the following books but for now I am not a Dex fan. Ohh...And he is batshit crazy! I really think I wouldn't want to be in the same room as him even if he indeed did look like Hugh!

My Perry

I could totally see an a little chabbier edition of Blendel as Perry. I have to admit that I didn't like Perry all that much in the previous book but she deffinitely grew on me on this one. I think she was just a tiny bit more mature. Yes, she still was pining after Dex like a puppy but she was more cautious, alittle more alert and that won her points.

I liked the story in this book much more than the previous one. It felt much better developed and I had a sense of beginning, middle and end that I missed from [b:Darkhouse|11356211|Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)|Karina Halle||16286238] although I didn't find this book as scary as the first.

Also true is the fact that I didn't find this book as Young-Adultish as the first. Perry wasn't a mess over Dex all the time and her newfound suspicious nature gave her a lot of credit. She didn't give off the 14 year old aura she did in the first.

Generally in this book I found just the positives from the first and a little more without the negatives, except for the fact that I still don't like Dex.

I missed Creepy Clown Lady. There was just a hint on her and I had hoped for more.

My favorite scene was the one on the tree, I found it sweet and it was about the only time I actually felt a little more warmth for Dex.