Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian I was soooo looking forward to Mira's story and I wasn't dissapointed! The book was exciting. Everything we knew from the previous books has changed and yet some things are always the same.

It's twenty years since humans learned about the Breed the most violent way possible and the relationship between the two races is still strained. Humans distrust against the "predators" hasn't ebbed and some people do their best to ensure the relationship keeps detariorating and in the middle of all this the Order tries to difuse the situation not in battle as they know best but through politics. Mira now 29 years old is a trained warrior who lost her heart 8 years ago when Kellan died. Or so she thought.

To say that watching Lucan and the Order in this situation is amusing is an understatment! The battle hardened warriors now have to face the public and use diplomacy instead of the brutal force we came to know them with.

And then we have Mira. Mira grew to be an extraordinary woman. Comfident, strong, forgiving and loyal to a fault! She loved one man in her life and she stays true to him even though he is supposed to be dead for 8 years! I liked Mira from her first introduction in the series and I like her even more after reading this book!

Kellan Archer is an ex Order warrior and a current rebel leader. After leading everyone to believe he was dead Kellan became the leader of a small group of humans striving to help in avoiding war but not always in the right side of the law. I found Kellan a little bit of a coward I have to admit. Yes I get his reasons for leaving but I think he should have stayed and fought for Mira.

In this book the Midnight Breed's world changes completely, we have new players, new scenery, new exciting twists and a very new big bad baddie in the game! It had it's happy moments, it's really really sad ones and one or two totally heart stopping ones! I can't wait for what LA has coming our way next!