On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Oh my god! I have to say a huge THANK YOU I.A.

This book was awesome. I wanted more of it. Usually I'm anxious to see how a story ends but this time I just wanted it to keep going. I actually had happy tears in the end!!!


Where should I begin? This book pushed all my buttons. The story, the characters, the world-building, everything was spectacular!

Let's start by the heroes.



Rose is such a relatable heroine. She is easy to like and gives the "girl-next-door" vibe. Does she have remarkable characteristics? Well yes, but she isn't one of a kind. She has a strong flash(the strongest in the Edge) but this doesn't help when she needs to put food to the table for herself and for her two young brothers. She is a strong heroine but unlike most of UF and PNR heroines she is responsible because she has more than herself to think about. I liked her from prologue to epilogue.



Declan is mysterious, sexy, full of surprises. Until the last page he keeps Rose on her toes. I really would have loved to have his POV but sadly it wasn't there, although the book was written from multiple POVs. I liked the fact that he wasn't spoiled rotten despite his family's status and his positiion. He was loyal and fierce and HOT.

The whole deal between them was kind of fairytalish. He was the noble knight, she was the Cinderella(though she was no damsel-in-distress by any account), there were challenges to prove his determination to have her and... *sigh*. Words abandon me. The romance side of this book was well-written and fullfilling.


The side characters...

Well, I loved them ALL. The boys, Jack and George, were so cute and lovable, the Grandmother was exactly how she should be(protective and loving), William...-*sigh again*- I loved William, I can't wait for his book. Even the "bad" people were well-written. Seriously there wasn't anyone that I thought shouldn't be there.


The story and world building...

The story was well-written, fast, full of action. What I love about I.A. books is that the romance is actually the side story and everything doesn't evolve around whether the heroes are going at it like bunnies or not.

The world I.A. has built is actually quite fresh. Was it the first time we have seen a world built in different dimensions? Nope, but Andrews has added her magic and the world is original enough that you just want to know more. Also thankfully the "rules" of how it works were actually more easily understood than it was in Kate Daniels.

So all in all if the book had any faults I just can't remember them and this is enough for me so I'm giving it a 5 wholeheartedly and already moving it to my favs self. *happy dance*