Eternal Hunger - Laura Wright Oh well...I think 3 is quite generous here. The book wasn't exactly trash but it also wasn't sth I would recommend or re-read for any reason. If I didn't think of two as my "shouldn't even try" rating it would probably get 2.

The main problem of this book was the first 40%. We are introduced to a new world and given so much info that there's a feeling of suffocating, drowning, getting lost in all the random actions and unknown terms. You pretty much wanna set the book on fire and dance on its grave. It isn't pretty.

If you manage to get over the first 35% of the book(and it needs much patience to do it) it gets better. The info flow slows down and things are slowly explained. The terms and the characters finally make sense.

After that we have the usual, the characters are kind of likable but not original, the story is interesting enough that after a point I went through it easily, we have the insta-love that is kind of expected since we have the "true mate" thing. The book doesn't lack in the action department and it has some quite interesting side characters so I will probably try the rest books(I'd really like to read more about Lucian -I blame the name, it always sucks me in-). The sex scenes were hot enough and thankfully took over less than 20% of the book.

So...3 stars and I won't be whining to Aly for getting me to read this one since it was much more torturous for her!:P