Slade - Laurann Dohner This book was at the same time better and worse than the first one.

The baddies


1)The sex. Yes this is erotica so it wasn't the sex as a whole that I found disturbing, it was the sex-on-the-dirt-without-nearby-shower that I had a problem with, especially since they were running for their lives through a forest the whole day. I mean sweat, germs, they don't even have water to drink let alone clean up. I mean Eww...
2)The first half of the book was kind of boring. Thank god the book wasn't bigger because I believe I would have dropped it before the fun stuff.
3)I failed to see the relationship development. I know that for the New Species guys love is at first sight(or at least obsession is) but I would like to see a more satisfying love story!

The goodies


1)The second half of the book more than made up for the first! It was exciting and it had twists you wouldn't expect and ACTION!
2)Moon, Harley, Brass! The New Species guys Trisha befriended were just AWESOME! I loved all three of them(maybe Moon a little more than the others).
3)Valiant! I already look forward to reading his book! Hope it isn't a dissapointment.*fingers crossed*

If I based my rating in the first half of the book it would be a 2 if I felt really generous but since the book had the second half too I will give it 3 stars.;)