Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter Spoilers of course are to follow as usual!

Once again I find myself in a dilemma! I don't know whether I liked the book or hated it. There were some black spots but the end sort of made up for most of them in my opinion but not all.

What I mean is...

The heroine of the book was -her words not mine but sadly true- unexciting. Nicola is a 23 year old afraid to live. Now don't get me wrong I totally understand that the condition of her heart made it impossible for her to have excitment in her life but honestly I found her boring until the end of the book when she at last -hallelujah- decided she had a backbone and annihilated an army of bad guys!
Now I will give her something exciting and imagine her like this:


Then there was the plot. Don't get me wrong it didn't have anything all that bad but it was just so predictable. We had the emotionally scarred hero who craved love and of course our loving, sweet heroine managed to heal him with her unshelfishness and goodness. Also I think GS opened too many stories in this book. We have hints for Kane, William, Axel, Thane,Bjorn and we have two different battle fronts (one resolved in this book, the other not) and then we have the females a harpy, a phoenix, a fallen angel. It wasn't so much faults as it was a big case of too many things crammed into one book! At some point in the book I was totally lost.


Of course it wasn't all bad. It had some very interesting twists that kept you going and I liked the fact that we had just one sex scene wich was kind of realistic since it was a little awkward -we are talking about two virgins one of which hasn't even watched an adult movie ever in his life-. I liked the fact that GS didn't turn our heroes into horny rabbits going at it every second chapter. And I liked Koldo. Koldo was entertaining with his misunderstandings of figurative speach and he was after all our wounded hero but again I felt like I have read his story 100 times.

I think the most serius problem can be summarised in 3 words: lack of originality!

But despite all these I will give it 4 stars mostly because I think my expectations were higher than they should be and they are clouding my opinion of the book and because the end kind of rocked!