Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston Beginning I would like to make clear the fact that I liked this book and I want to make it clear because my thoughts may point to the opposite!:P

My main problem with the book? I couldn't find the romance. I looked hard, tried every corner but it just wasn't there... I didn't see any great feelings developing, I didn't see how they went from friends to f*ck buddies to mates. I just couldn't see it!

My second problem was the epilogue. I was reading and then suddenly it was over. No easing into it, no closure, nothing. It was too abrupt and addressed almost none of the issues raised during the book in my opinion. It was like walking down a street and suddenly falling down the cliff you didn't even know was there.

What I liked about this book was the characters, the fast paced story, the humor and Irene's and Bo's appearances. Generally considering the characters in this book it pussed every button I have. Jenious people, psychotic people, laid back people, motherly, arrogant, in their own world, scared, brave, funny, boring. Everything you could think of that you like in a book character the author provided it for you.

Summing up...The book was great but it failed miserably in the romance department. I was thinking of giving it a 3 but I seriously enjoyed it so 4 it is!

PS. I want a romance between Livy and Reece next but I have a feeling that Vic will get the girl!:(