Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire Travis...


In [b:Beautiful Disaster|11505797|Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)|Jamie McGuire|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358259032s/11505797.jpg|16441531] we got to see the story from Abby's POV but now we get to read Travis'. We finally get to see into the mind of the hero we both loved and hated at the same moment!

I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to read the same story even if it was from another POV but I was actually pleasantly surprised when I realised that I liked this one better than the first!

Travis is a very complicated character, the way he clings to Abby borders to psychotic but you can't help but love him, especially when his insecurities come out to play!

Travis thinks that Abby deserves better than him(and ok, tbh at some points I thought so too) but there is sth captivating about this crazy guy! It is heart-warming to see the way he loves Abby and is completely capable of overlooking her faults and how he wants to be better around her!

From his POV we get to see some parts of the story that we didn't see from Abby's and to finally find out exactly what's going on in Travis' head(and what an interesting head it is), we get to see why he does certain stuff that from Abby's POV seemed a little extreme.

Also we get to see how their lives are after the closing of the first book! So my friends don't hesitate to read this one just because you already know the story, it is well worth reading it again!