Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones *snif*

Done with this one as well. The other one isn't out until July. I want it NOW!:(

After the events of the previous book our fearless heroine has gone from being afraid of nothing to being afraid of her own shadow. She can't sleep at nights, can't get out of the apartment, can't trust anyone. It was interesting to see what happens to someone who thought herself invinsible when she comes face to face with death!

But our little Grim Reaper isn't about to let her fears run her life(well not completely), so when a case brings herself at her door she decides to grow her balls again and go out in the world after two months of couch therapy! Of course things go downhill from there... Demons, possesed people, old ladies, bank robbers, take your pick. All of them are out to get her and she doesn't yet know how to fight them!

And then we have Reyes. Their relationship is full of ups and downs. One minute they have the perfect understanding the next one, one or both of them are angry. It's getting a little tiring to watch them trying and not succeeding! Also I think we still have a long way to go before we learn everything about Reyes! The guy has more layers than onions. At least they have hot sex! ^.^

PS. Still love Cookie and Garret, still hate her dad's guts!