Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones Once again I'm really awed with the authors ability to take a dramatic, heart-breaking situation and shower it with so much humor and sarcasm that you think you're reading comedy!

I have to admit that you can't help liking this series. Charley's humor, Reyes' mystery, Cookie's love, Bob's humiliation by Charley, the dead people's stories. Everything is well written and so entertaining that you can't let the book down until it's done!

Btw let me just say I LOVE Donovan. The males in this book are to-die-for! First Reyes, then Garret, now biker Dude!*drooling*

In the end of the book I wanted to kill both Reyes and Charley's dad! They were so pig headed and unfair to our lovely Reaper!

Off to the next one...

PS. I wanted Cookie with Garret but I guess Bob will have to do!:P