Duncan (Vampires in America, #5) - D.B. Reynolds Hm...I think I'm too bored to write a full review so I'll try to be fast.

My Duncan...


I decided Duncan is a younger Brad Pitt, and then I found a picture of Brad Pitt from Troy because let's admit it, he was at his hottest moments in this movie! (Not to mention that he wasn't the only drool worthy male character in the film.)

Meh...Got off track. So, Duncan was, as always, delicious. In this book we see him without the shadow of Raphael's awesomeness over him and boy does he shine. Although I usually go for the "tall, dark, mysterious" type, I have to admit that Duncan did for me from day one. A born and bred Southern Boy he could kill you with his kindness and patience until the moment he decided to kill you literally. Powerful, loyal and cunning he will steal our heroine's heart in ten seconds flat.

My Emmaline...


After giving a lot of thought I decided Olivia Wilde will do as Emma. Emma is my kind of heroine, stubborn, independant, smart and a badass if the situation demands it. She isn't the "martial arts" kind of heroine or the "I will kick your ass with my eyes closed", she is however a strong woman with good survival instincts and can shoot a gun if the situation demands it from her. She is after Cyn my favorite female so far in this series!

About the story...It was good although I felt some things were left unfinished but not enough to make a bad impression.

I love Miquel and Louis from the beginning and Baldwin later on.

I hated that bitch Phoebe from her first appearance.

And I can tell from now that I will like Lucas.

*I feel like I should have added "stop" at the end of each sentence there at the end!:p*