Breathing Room - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I am soo happy I think I wanna cry right now!!

This book was so good. Chicago Stars level good. After the dissapointment in most of Wynette series I have to admit that I started reading with low expectations but SEP did it again! The book was yummy! It has humor, drama, romance and a hero to-die-for.

Ren is most likely one of my favorite romance heroes of all time. He is gorgeous, a little arrogant, has a sense of humor, he is a great guy in bad boy's clothes. He knows he has issues, he knows why he has them but he doesn't let them get in his way! Of course at the end he spoiled it just a little but then this is a story and it has to have twists so I won't hold it against him.

The heroine I have to admit was a little spooky at some points with all the spiritual stuff but I liked her although I didn't believe it in the beginning. She is a psychologist with strong religious beliefs and a backbone a mile long. Does she have emotional breakdowns through the book? Well yes but considering that her bussiness manager stole all her fortune, her ex-fiance impregnated another woman while they were together and the man she fell for is scared to admit his feelings for her I think she is allowed some slack.

The substory between Tracy and Harry is beautiful. The secondary characters interesting and the plot although in the usual for SEP style "famous heroes, childhood traumas, unusual pairings" is anything but boring!

All in all a very nice book!*happy dance*