Sophia - D.B. Reynolds Okay...Before I begin I will tell you the reason why I liked this book so much. Almost half the book is told by the POV of none other but my favorite Vampire in the series, Raphael.



Raphael and his gang will travel to Seattle to investigate the death of two of his children and will find out that there was a third attempt that didn't work out. With the help of Cyn, Sophia (a vampire who belongs to Lucien but has come to Seattle following leads her sire left her on another triple murder) and Colin (the human man who passes as police in the little town out of Seattle where the vamps live), Raphael will try to find out who harmed his children and avenge them.

Sophia is 300 years old and the most powerful vampire Lucien has sired but she lives very far from Lucien's territory. After Lucien urgent summons she arrives to Canada to find him gone and discoveres that he has shrugged his responsibilities on her which could very well mean her death. After following his directions to Seattle she finds out that there are more than the three deaths in Canada but she also comes face to face with Colin, the only man she ever loved, the man she betrayed.

I have to admit that I found really interesting the "three person POV", the fact that the story focused on two different couples added to the excitement and helped in not getting bored.


My Colin...


Colin had served in the Marines for twelve years when he decided it was time to retire. Colin has loved one woman his whole life and he has thought her dead for ten years. Can he get over the lies and betrayal and claim Sophia?

Colin is a strong male character. He is a man confident in his own skin but not arrogant, an alpha male without domineering tendencies, his first instict is to protect Sophia but he allows he doesn't let his protectiveness get in her way. This is what I liked most in Colin. He acknowledges Sophia's power and doesn't try to get her to cower behind him. Oh...And of course his hot!

My Sophia...


Sophia was turned at the age of 22 after she lost everything she cared about. Lucien offered her a new life and she accepted without any regret. She enjoys the fact that she is a Vampire(none of the depressing "I'm-a-monster" stuff. Her one true regret is Colin.

Sophia is a strong woman. She isn't a warrior but she learned to fight in order to survive and in a world where power isn't measured only in muscle she is strong enough to take almost every challenger on. What I liked about Sophia is that she does shed her feminine side, she uses it as a weapon. It shows the fact that a woman can be feminine and strong in the same time. This lady may look like the "damsel in distress" type but she hasn't been in a long time!

What we don't get to see in the book is the romance built-up between Colin and Sophia but this is understandable since they've been in love for the last ten years so no problems there...


Back to Raphael and Cyn, we get to see how our favorite couple is doing. I'm happy to say that Cyn continues to be the same stubborn, badass self and Raphael continues to be his overprotective one (not that he doesn't have a good reason with Cyn's tendencies to get in trouble all the time).

So all the above combined with an interesting story and the usual awesome secondary characters make one happy reader.

Of course at the end of the book we had the anticipated cliffahnger. Anticipated since Reynolds seems to love them, interesting nonetheless since the next book belongs to Duncan (*kissing noises*) and I really can't wait to read his story. Hope it doesn't dissapoint!