Gabriel's Mate - Tina Folsom If the previous books were 3-stars-worthy, this one would go for a 3.5, maybe even a 4 at some points.

We have Gabriel...


Gabriel has a secret that keeps him from being intimate with women often, a secret that when they discover it they recoil from him in terror. The last time he loved a woman he ended up with a scar that destroyed his face so he doesn't believe there is a woman who would love him out there. When the gorgeous Maya is turned against her will and lands in his arms he can't help but hope that she will accept him as he is but experience has taught him not to expect much.

And we have Maya...


Maya wakes up in an unknown house, with strange people all around her who tell her that after a rogue attack she's become a vampire, something that a week ago she would consider a legend. If that wasn't enough she seems to accept only one type of blood and that comes in a bottle named Gabriel. With her world upside down Maya has to find her place in a new world, learn how to control her new body and see where her overwhelming attraction to Gabriel will lead, all that under the threat of the Rogue vampire out to get her.


In general I liked this book more than the previous in the series. For starters I liked both heroes. Maya is a strong woman who takes what life throws her way and makes the best of it. I have a soft spot for survivors!

Gabriel is the classic tortured-scarred-emotional wreck of a hero that we come across so often in RNR but his "secret" gives him the unique quality that the previous heroes in the series lacked.

One thing I didn't like was the fact that once again we knew the bad guy halfway through the book. Where is the mystery? The suspense?

My two other not favorite parts were:

a) The love at first sight thing again. I know I complain about it all the time and then melt again when I find some swoon-worthy hero but I need a better romance development... I don't mind the lust at first sight but I want to see the "love" part growing by getting to know the heroes. I felt that whenever one of them had doubts they f*cked their way through them.

b) I don't mind weird sex in my books but at some points I draw the line. This book straddled the line between what I find acceptable and what not.

So I guess I'm done for now... 3.5 stars.


PS. I really wanna see a Thomas-Eddie romance!xD