Samson's Lovely Mortal  - Tina Folsom The book was fine, not very good, deffinitely not great, just average. The romance was the usual "love at first sight" type that's beginning to get old for me and I would have like it to have less sex and more action. The hero felt a little immature to be 200 years old but the heroine was suprisingly good considering the rest. The baddies were predictable halfway through the book so no mystery there, I kind of liked the secondary characters though so that won some points.

I think the most obvious problem with the book was that there was nothing original.

So 3 stars because I am a good person. Nah... 3 because it had moments when I couldn't stop laughing and because in general it wasn't boring just too predictable.

Sorry. Can't write a better review...I have Vlad to read!